You’re da (vitamin) bomb!

Dry skin, bad hair, coarse nails, tired brain and bad mood – these are things that I’ve had almost every winter since I was a teenager. Oh and I forgot to mention the candy cravings. Jeez.

But it’s over now! I’ve finally found a way to cure my winter symptoms. They have three names: fresh air, sports and vitamins. The stereotypes from every fitness-related magazine, I know. But they actually work.

I know that it might sound tricky, but it’s not. What I do? I drive my bike to uni and back every day, and try to catch a bit of sunlight during lunch break. It saves a lot of time (I’m much faster than the bus actually!) and I get to move. I also go to the gym a lot after uni, there I don’t even realise the missing sunlight. And I try to eat as many vitamins as I can. Fruit is expensive and rare in Finland right now, so I stick with apples, frozen berries (which are amazing in porridges or yogurts as well!) and smoothies. That green smoothie from Naked up there is my new favourite.

And now I’m healthy and happy!
What are your cures for winter symptoms – or do you have any?