Workout music?

Hey lovelies!

Four hours until my half marathon, Lottie is getting nervous and has to be distracted. :) So I thought to ask you a question: what do you listen to during your workouts? What motivates you, what distracts you? Because I have to admit that I get bored really easily, and if I don’t distract myself, I start counting steps, feeling my pulse, getting tired. So I have to listen to something to get rid of those thoughts.

I know that most people listen to music, but I want to be honest with you: music doesn’t really distract me! It never helps! Well, the reason might be that I only have very few songs on my phone and that I know those by heart, but still. I have found a really good alternative for me: audiobooks! What could be any better than listening to a good story and run at the same time? I keep going, step by step for kilometres, but don’t even realise it. Around me a crime or a romantic love story takes place and I’m in a different world. I’m in New York, in Sweden, in Hogwarts. What really happens around me, disappears, and I exercise without even knowing it. If you’ve never tried doing sports with an audiobook, you definitely should now! I can only recommend it, especially funny audiobooks like Sophie Kinsella’s, they’re so much fun! For my half marathon my brother got me a new audiobook, I will run whilst listening to The Maze Runner. I hope it’s good!

Btw, I mostly listen to my audiobooks on Youtube.

Workout Essentials

But now I want to give music another chance and downloaded Spotify yesterday! Do you have workout playlists on Spotify? Please write their names down in the comments and I will try them out!


P.S.: I feel like happy, positive music motivates me best. Ariana Grande or even the eighties… I know it sounds cheesy, but I like those!

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  1. I have playlists for all sorts of occasions, but on Deezer and not Spotify :) I’ve tried listening to audiobooks while exercising, but it turns out I can’t focus on the reading and I basically forget everything the next second… Pretty frustrating!
    I read The Maze Runner a couple of months ago and loved it, I hope you do, too!

    • 26/10/2015 / 18:01

      Oh jeez! I didn’t think it could be distracting! Well, good that you have your playlists to listen to then! 😉