Winter wonderland

Oh hello snow!

You have no idea how wonderful today was! Something I really need to be throughout happy – days on which I can be a child. My sister and I went sleight riding and (on plastic bags!) and slid back and forth on the frozen river. I know that being 23 I’m way too old for stuff like that – but if you think that that would hold me back, you don’t really know me.

Just stop thinking about what others think of you and do what you really enjoy – that will make you a happy person.

From Friday to Sunday my daddy, sister and I will go to the Czech Republic for skiing – I’m already super excited!

Have a good week!

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Coat – Zara
Hat – North Bend
Gloves and boots – UGG
Jeans – River Island

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    • 21/03/2016 / 15:58

      Awwww you cutie! And YES you’re right!

  2. 06/01/2016 / 01:06

    you are NEVER too old for fun in the snow… or in the sun 😄

    • 21/03/2016 / 15:58

      Never too old for being a child ANYWHERE!