Winter Running Essentials

I am currently in Finland and here running means completely new hurdles: the temperature. I have to admit that I would have never thought that I’d ever become a runner, and even less a crazy one that would go out in these temperatures. Ugh! And now I do it, and even enjoy it! So silly!

There is not much more relaxing than running. I also explained that in my winter running blogpost. The feeling is just unbeatable. That’s why I’m now also sharing my unbeatable winter running essentials. They definitely boost my motivation even further and keep me hiding in my bed. In my opinion winter running clothes are something that one should definitely invest in, as it’s quite hard to keep running without. So here are my favourites:

winter running outfit1. Warm Clothes and Layering
Currently I’m wearing my sports bra, a thick, warm Nike-Longshirt, the NB Heat jacket from the header picture and when it’s windy, a windbreaker on top.

nike winter running shoes2. Reflecting Running Shoes
When winter only began, I always wore my Vongo Moon Phase from New Balance, as they’re so super comfy and reflect so well. Before I never used reflectors (especially when my grandpa told me to get some), but nowadays I’m a massive fan, as I know how important they are. And these shoes are quite a lot more stylish than safety vests, right?

nike winter running shoesnike winter3. Warm Winter Running Shoes
Now that we have snow, I’ve changed my choice of shoes. My current preference is an absolute DREAM. I have tried and tested them in snow, rain, puddles, temperatures below zero and my feet always stayed warm and dry! I would have never ever thought that that would be possible! I can only recommend the Lunarepic Flyknit Shield to anyone running in winter!

nike running

4. Warm Running Tights
…to hold my bum warm, are something I’m still looking for. I’m currently wearing these tights from Nike (just because they’re so pretty and comfy) but the see-through parts at my knees are definitely a bit too cold…

5. Headband, Hat and Gloves
At temperature above zero I always wear my headband that prevents my head from getting too hot, and when we go below zero, I will wear a full hat and gloves to stay warm. Of course you can always take them off if it gets too warm.


One last thing to mention at the end of my list – these tips are 100% from my heart, real, and not sponsored! My mum said I should mention that. 😉 And now I wish everyone a lot of fun running! If we keep going during winter, we can really call ourselves “runners”!


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  1. Sara
    28/11/2016 / 21:47

    You go girl! 💪