Why I don’t want to be a food blogger anymore

Today I want to explain one thing to you, that is really important for me. I bet you’ve realised it already – there are things happening on @veryberrylottie. What did my account look like before? Oatmeal, pancakes, banana ice cream, rice cakes, hummus, salad, apple crumble, smoothie, pudding, zoodles. Food, food, food. In between some superfoods and detox teas, than I’ve kindly been sponsored by some companies. I’m proud how I did this food blogging thing for an entire year, how my style developed and my follower count rised, how many people told me, that I’ve inspired them to live healthier. It was the best feeling, when people told me that they’ve tried my recipes and that they liked them. Or when they asked for new recipes. It made me so proud. 


But now something is changing on my account that is very important to me and I hope that you’ll still stay with me. My life is so much more. There are thousands of things, that make me happy every day, and food doesn’t even play such a big role. Of course I do love good food, but I don’t want to focus around it. My past with food isn’t the best and I don’t want it to have such a big role in my life.

And it all is past its best. Want to know what’s the worst thing that can happen? When a passion turns into a duty. And that’s exactly what happened to me. “Hi Lottie, have you tried our products already?”, “Hi Lottie, have you had time to come up with a recipe?”, “Hi Lottie, hope you’re well, I was wondering if you’re going to post about our products soon?”. In spring I had the first bad patch in spring, when I really didn’t enjoy food blogging anymore – and this is what almost all my incoming emails looked like back then. Soon my mindset turned from “Yay, Sunday, time to make pancakes!” to “Jeez, it’s Sunday, I guess I have to make some pancakes now to finally use those superfoods. Maybe I can fit the newest tea into the picture too?” Gosh, that wasn’t nice. And even when it wasn’t the companies pressuring me, then I did. Most food bloggers post something new every one to two days. I felt like I had to take the time to do it too and neglected so many other things! Even when my sister was visiting, I spent hours decorating food instead of spending time with her!

But this isn’t the only reason I don’t want to be a food blogger anymore. Food blogging is mostly fun, but there are so many other amazing things happening in my life too. My half marathon. My travels. My exercise. The seasons. Afternoons with my sister. My studies. Music. Books. I want to share all that with you and I see a possibility to inspire you to live a happy, healthy, fit and motivated life that is just so much more than just healthy food! And I want to get inspired by you too!


Of course there will be recipes on my feed and blog too. A lot of them, I guess. I want my feed to stay as colourful and mouthwatering (as you call it!). I bet that will be a lot easier, as soon as the pressure is out, because cooking and photographing really is fun! It will be like in the beginning. And I’ll take the pressure out by only showing you the products I love most. And by showing you everything else that happens in my life too. Food is just a minor matter here.

So there will be a lot of sports, fitness, thoughts about life. And – as promised – food too. So I hope you’ll stick with me and keep following my adventures!

I’m sending everyone that doesn’t unfollow me a big bear hug!
Yours, Lottie



  1. Yuminthetum
    05/11/2015 / 01:34

    Hi Lottie, I can totally relate to struggling to find the time to do everything you want to do as well as trying to please others in the process. I’ve been following you on Instagram and snapchat for some time now and it seems like you are enjoying what you are doing and you are happy, despite how busy you always seem. Anyways I thought what you wrote here was very eloquently phrased and now that I’ve finally gotten around to checking out your blog, I have to say it is beautiful put together!

    • 10/11/2015 / 16:24

      Oh thank you thank you thank you gorgeous girl (I’m your fan so this means a lot!). Now I’m doing this to please only myself and maybe inspire or even help some people along the way. And it seems to be working!

  2. I went through the same thing with my Instagram and my blog, too, so I can totally relate! They were mainly beauty-oriented, but when my personal interests changed it would have been unbearable to just be stuck in this topic forever. So have fun with your blog, write about what makes you tick, and the rest will follow! Haters gonna hate, anyway 😉

  3. Susanne
    25/10/2015 / 15:34

    I can completely understand you!! I’ve had my little personal blog (or actually several blogs) since 2009 and when the boom of fashion- or beauty- (now fitness-) blogs arrived, I was thinking to myself ”how do they only post about one topics?!” I LOVE when bloggers have blogs that reflect themselves, not only one side of their lives. Supporting your decision and don’t bother with those, who don’t – it’s your life after all and you should only do things that make you happy :)

    • 25/10/2015 / 19:40

      Haha! My former blog used to be just an online cookbook, nothing personal at all. Food blogging for instagram was fun, but well, I think the blog post says it all. Something was missing. This here feels so good and I want to share that on instagram too! I really hope that people will like it!