Why go skiing?

Many of you who’ve never been skiing, might wonder why someone would slide down a hill on two boards draped to your feet. Wrapped in several layers of clothes until you can barely move and yet you’ll most probably freeze off your toes. Here comes why:

Imagine a beautiful winter day. The sun is shining and the soft powder snow sparkles on the branches of trees. The fresh, cold air pinches your face. Together with your friends you take the ski lift up the hill and share the excitement about what is coming. Then it begins. You curve down the snowy hill, take breaks, talk, laugh, have fun. It goes better and better every time. Every few hours you sit down in a romantic ski hut up on the hill and enjoy some regional specialties, drink steaming mulled wine or hot chocolate. Your cheeks glow from the cold and the excitement. Then after a strengthening break it goes down again. From time to time someone might fall – but everyone stands up again and carries on. And in the evening you’ve forgotten the falls anyways – you just remember the snow, the sun, your aching thighs and the great feeling afterwards. And you’re proud.

Believe me – if you have the opportunity to spend the day on ski slopes, it is definitely worth it!

And if you have never skied before, then don’t worry: it’s super easy to learn (even for adults!), there are not so steep slopes for beginners everywhere, the risk of injury is not higher than when cycling and it’s a lot of fun !

So, off you go!