Why do I blog?

This is a question, that I’ve asked myself quite a few times. Why do I blog? I used to think blogs were stupid and found that the word “blogger” sounded embarrassing. Even though I never even really read blogs. Now I still barely do that. There are a few German fitness bloggers, whose blogs I stay updated on, but that’s mainly because I know them personally. And there are a few Finnish blogs which I find fascinating.

But why me?

I have to say that my blog fulfils two tasks: it is my way to speak out, and it is my mission. The first task is a bit sad as I have so few friends whom I could tell my stories or show my photos, that I can finally live that here. Writing and photography have always been my passion and besides my mum, my dad and maybe (on good days) my boyfriend I don’t really have anyone who’s interested in those things.

But through instagram all this has turned into a mission as well.

Before, when I only posted food pictures, it seemed to attract a lot of girl with problems around the topic “food”. And now, that I’ve shown more and more of myself, I get more and more questions every day. “Who tall are you?”, “How much do you eat?”, “I feel bad because I don’t work out, please help!”, “I always compare what I eat to what others eat, do you do that too?”, “I want to be as sporty as you, do you have tips?”, “How can I loose weight?”. Through all these questions I have realised that there are girls out there, who are like I used to be. Who are unsatisfied with themselves, who compare themselves to each other, who want to be better. I managed to get over those thoughts and turn into a happy woman – and now I hope that I can be a good role model to some of those girls out there!

Lots of love,


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