Why am I always late?

I woke up at 7 this morning. Uni starts at 10:15. And yet I’m late, arrive in class at 10:18, sweating and panting and super embarrassed. I promise myself that this won’t happen again. And yet this was the fifteenth time this semester. Oops.

This is pretty standard for me. I’m almost always a few minutes late. I don’t mean anything by it, and I certainly don’t think I deserve a different set of rules than everyone else — it’s just the way I am. (which is super embarrassing to admit. But that’s the way it is.)




As you know, I’m quite a busy person. I go to uni, I work, I blog, I try to do sports almost every day, I live on my own and have a household to keep, I cook all my meals and sometimes I also need to sleep and just have some time for myself. Ugh. But moreover – I’m super optimistic. Which might be my main problem here.

That’s what I realised today, when this quote basically slapped me in the face on Facebook:

“People who are continuously late are actually just more optimistic. They believe they can fit more tasks into a limited amount of time more than other people and thrive when they’re multitasking. Simply put, they’re fundamentally hopeful.”

After this quote I actually felt good about being a chronically late person (who else? 😀 ). But also, what is going on? Late people are the worst. It definitely is the quality I like least in myself. And I’m not late because I don’t care or because I feel like it doesn’t matter. It’s embarrassing.






So I thought about this for a minute, and I think I figured out what’s going on. The issue is that there are two kinds of lateness: 1) the one that’s okay, like when going to a party and 2) the one that’s not okay, like when going to lectures, or even worse, meetings. I tend to be late to both. And I hate myself for it. But I also hate the people that always want to take the bus one hour early, just in case. And then in the end they’ll wait for an hour. So what should I do?

I guess I’ll have to be less optimistic. When I tell myself “I can run there in 5 minutes”, I’ll remind myself that it’ll most probably be 10. When I think that I can pack, shower, dress and have breakfast in 30 minutes the next morning, I’ll already pack the night before and yet plan in 45mins. I’ll try it for a week and tell you next Sunday how it went!



Apart from that I always always a watch, and I set it on 3 minutes forward (and try to forget it!). Right now I’m wearing this pretty one from Aarni Wood! And now you can win one as well! Post a picture including the initials “AW” on Instagram (I hope now you get my weird pose on the photo!), mention me, @aarniwood and #akateeminenwartti (which means academic quarter in Finnish!) and tag a friend, who’s always late. 😉

And as you get posting, I’ll try to work on my lateness – as I said, it’s the only thing about me that I absolutely hate. Yet this quote makes me feel a bit better: “Chronically late people aren’t hopeless, they’re hopeful.” And now I’m hopeful that I can get more punctual!

Do you have any tips for me?

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  1. Sarah
    01/05/2016 / 04:18

    Am Abend zuvor alles zusammen packen und das Frühstück bzw die Mahlzeiten, die man mitnehmen muss, vorbereiten (und mit passendem Besteck!!! ☝🏼️ bereitstellen) hilft schon mal sehr gut. Kleidung schon rauslegen und am Abend duschen spart auch viel Zeit ☺️

    • 02/05/2016 / 11:25

      Kleidung rauslegen ist auch ein megaguter Tipp, denn das Zeitproblem ist nämlich oft der Grund, warum ich oft nicht allzu stylisch aussehe 😀

  2. 30/04/2016 / 23:50

    Ich hab mich sooo wiedererkannt in dem Text. 100% meee 🙈 Es ist wirklich oft unangenehm 😳 Aber toller Text, Liebes 💜💜

  3. 30/04/2016 / 23:00

    SO TRUE. I believe the most important step is convicing yourself that you really need to do this or that… and then just keep moving to achieve it.