Weekend in Stuttgart

Hi from the airplane!
Or rather the airport, as that is where I’ll post from since there are no planes with wifi yet – or are there? Anyways. I have to tell you more about my weekend, since it continued spectaculously after the bootcamp (which you can read about here).

My train connections failed chaotically, but this weekend showed me once again that it doesn’t help to get annoyed about these things. Because when I arrived in Stuttagart, the best 1,5 days began! My blogger friend Eva was waiting there for me and we went to have some cocktails, burgers and sweet potato fries together (a vegan burger and a chicken burger with avocado sauce and orange-mustard dressing – yum!). From there I continued to my hotel. I spent the night at the Arcotel Camino Stuttgart, a super modern, yet super comfortable hotel in the middle of Stuttgart – which was the best decision ever. It was exactly what I needed after that cool but exhausting day! My room was so nice and big and there was gingerbreads and a little bottle of red sparkling wine waiting for me. I made myself a nice hot bath and enjoyed my treats in the water – aaah. You have no idea how wonderful that felt after that long and exhausting day! Once I went to bed I slept like a baby.



Sunday started off just as dreamy thanks to the breakfast buffet. Thousands of different rolls, fresh honey, muesli to mix, yogurts, fruit, a whole salmon and a warm buffet. No need to exaggerate, it was one of the best buffets I’ve ever had. I had such a massive breakfast, tried four juices and drank two teas and a whole pot of coffee. For a breakfast lover as me this was an absolute highlight and I’m so happy that I took the time to fully enjoy it! Mornings like this are the best. When you have time to slowly get up, make yourself ready, have a big (ready-made) breakfast. I can’t stop dreaming about it..



Eva and I spent most of the day doing photo shootings. Including changing in the city and getting funny comments such as “ouch, doesn’t that hurt?”, “aren’t you freezing?”, “is it summer again?” or “topmodels!”. Unfortunately I have to mention that Eva was the only topmodel of us two. I still can’t understand how she can move in front of a camera and get up with all those poses! I barely ever know where to look or what to do with my hands. Especially when I’m wearing normal clothes… thank god all that is much easier in sportswear…




For lunch we had the biggest salad ever (me) and a burger and more sweet potato fries (Eva) at the same place as before (we just had to return in order to taker pictures in proper lighting!), then I had my first mulled wine of the year with team Xundes and in the evening Eva had to bring me to the train station and we had to say goodbye. The weekend was absolutely genius, but I wish I had had more time for Eva, to take pictures, to eat more sweet potato fries and have more chai lattes….

But I hope I’ll be back soon – Stuttgart really should be worth it. I’m already looking forward to it!