#veryberrypicnic Munich

On Saturday, October 15th, I hosted my third #veryberrypicnic. In Munich! When I got an invitation to that southern city a month ago, I knew that this would be my next picnic location. I was a bit nervous as I’m barely ever in south Germany and had no idea if I’d have followers there, but a short question on Snapchat confirmed that I wouldn’t be eating alone.

I have to be honest: this picnic is the outcome of lots of work, lots of sweat and lots of tears. End of October meant that we couldn’t have the picnic outside. Which again meant that I had to organise a location. This made me both nervous and positively excited. On the one hand I had to contact numerous restaurants, negotiate, email and call them several times. On the other hand a proper location meant that my picnic is a proper, serious event now.

Last Thursday I finally finished all the organisations and flew over to Munich. I checked into the hotel, made myself tea and put my legs up to check Facebook. And I got a heart attack. I had a massive problem, which was at the same time positive and negative: we had space for 15 people and 26 signups and 30 interested-registrations on Facebook!

bliss ballspicknick

Well, I couldn’t change the situation now and went to the Freeletics-event the next day. That’s where I addressed my worries and guess what! I was saved! The wonderful Freeletics-girl Ellie and Seana invited me to use their office for our picnic.

So, to get to the point: on Saturday I hosted my third #veryberrypicnic. And it was incredible. As usual, everyone brought a vegan or vegetarian dish. Also we were a bit more organised this time. We had name tags, proper pottery and drinks. In the beginning we had an introduction round and then we talked and ate for ages. And please pinch me, when I say this: fourty people came!


To sum it up, here come my picnic highlights:

– savoury: millet salad, vegan sushi with pumpkin
– sweet: peanut butter blondies made from chickpeas, brownie with cherries (these two won the prizes for best dishes), pumpkin pie

– I was especially delighted to have two fellow Finns, Sara and Kia, among my guests
–  Bernada, who drove all the way from Zagreb, Croatia for the picnic
– Jil from Jilicious Journey, who was my special guest and brought some of her followers as well

– thank you to Freelectis for the amazing location and all your support
– thanks to BWT water mineralizers for the main prize
– thank you to SuperDanke for the smoothies, juices, acai bowls und raw bites

It was a wonderful event with fourty wonderful people and even more amazing food! But the pictures say more than this long blogpost, so take a look at them now!

veganes picknickveryberrypicnic münchenveryberrylottiepeanut butter blondiesveryberrypicnic

And in case you’ve missed the three picnics so far – no worries! There will be more! The next locations will most probably be Leipzig and Helsinki, but if you have other suggestions, let me know!


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  1. Jil
    18/10/2016 / 20:49

    Es war so ein schöner Tag <3