Upgrade your breakfast

Hello peeps and happy Sunday!

Today I don’t have that much time, so I just wanted to share a few ideas on breakfasts before I continue doing homework and work stuff.

First of all: breakfast is SO important! Never forget that! I hope YOU are not one of those people who don’t eat in the mornings, because you’re going to need that energy for whatever you do. It’s even proven that you burn more calories during a morning workout, if you have given your body the energy for doing so before – so always always always have breakfast.

Now, as a finn I’ve grown up having oatmeal/porridge ever single morning. And it’s still my usual breakfast, because oats are complex carbs that will be slowly released and fuel you through the day. But through instagram I’ve found a way to pimp up my boring plain oats a healthy way (before I had them with sugar or jam!) and here come my favourite ideas:

  • protein powder: I use the neutral flavoured whey isolate (isolate = no sugar, no calories) by Fitnessguru, or vegan vanilla protein by Purple Balance
  • chocolate: if I have chocolate cravings, I use cocoa powder or (preferably) the healthier cacao powder and some stevia.
  •  bananas: chop up bananas and cook them with the oats. Add some stevia and cinnamon – amazing!
  • fruit on top: they really make a difference and add some vitamins to your breakfast!
  • yogurt/ home made jam/ vanilla sauce: any kind of healthyfied sauce on top is sooo good! Current favourite: apple sauce or rhubarb jam!
  • muesli/ granola: they’ll add a nice crunch!
  • cooked apples and cinnamon: makes an amazing apple pie flavour!

And always ALWAYS cook your oats on the stove, it makes a massive difference! Plus, use enough water – dryish oats are gross 😀

Ok, now one more picture of this morning’s oats (with Fitnessguru protein powder and cocoa powder, cinnamon, stevia and fruit on top) and then I wish you a nice Sunday and lots and lots of yummy breakfasts next week!

And please share your favourite breakfasts below – I’m always on the search for new ideas!




  1. 01/11/2015 / 21:59

    Personally I find oats in the microwave are actually just as good as oats made on the stove, although most people seem to disagree! But anyways, lovely post :)

    • 01/11/2015 / 22:04

      Mhh, maybe there are different oats that make the difference? I remember my summer job when I always had microwave oats at work, back then I put instant oats into boiling water and then put it all into the microwave – as far as I remember that was quite good too. But they just turn out smoother when you cook them on the stove I think!