Trying out yoga – I’m a goner!


For several years now there has been a huge trend in sports, that has filled all instagram feeds, lifestyle magazines and gyms, but that can be done from home or even outside too. This kind of sports makes you fit, flexible and happy. And it’s supposed to be the best balance to your hectic everyday life. Of course I’m talking about yoga.

To be honest, yoga has always been something, that I have wanted to try and then include into my weekly sports routine. It’s supposed to be so good for you that I decided that I will now become a proper yogi and start a balanced lifestyle. Just somehow I had never managed to start it. So many magazines explained thousands of positions and how to do them, but I thought that I shouldn’t start without proper instructions. But now during the last weeks I finally managed to start yoga, and I even tried three different variations! So here comes my yoga-story.

  1. Ashtanga Yoga
    My little sister and I spontaneously decided to join a power yoga class after being at Zumba. In real yogi-terminology it’s called Ashtanga. This powerful version of yoga trains your strength, flexibility, balance and mind. What really surprised me, was that we did the same movements for one hour! Seriously – first a plank, then that triangle/dog-position, and then back to plank, over and over again. Jeez! And it wasn’t even really hard. Not simple either, but I didn’t sweat or anything and couldn’t see what it was good for. Weird. Oh well.
  2. ‘Normal’ Yoga, outside
    Joining this class too was rather spontaneous. It was “International Active Week” and a gym held open lessons outside, and as adventurous as we are, we decided to join the yoga session. And guess what? We ended up doing the exact same moves over and over again! I can’t believe it, is yoga nothing more than dogs and planks? Well, in the end we added some movements that the former class didn’t have, they stretched a bit and we repeated then aerial the time. What should I say? Mhh…
  3.  Yoga with Youtube, outside on my own
    After being ill and taking a sports break, I wanted to slowly get back to working out by giving yoga another chance. What could be better than some slow, relaxing activity outside in the sun? I asked you guys on instagram on good yoga instructions and you suggested “Yoga with Adrienne” on Youtube. So I took my phone outside with me, went on a platform at a lake and started with her 30-days-yoga-challenge, day one. And wow! The movements and positions were actually different from those at the courses! But: they were even easier. Simple, basic yoga positions. I had to sit cross-legged and breathe. I had to stand on my hands and feet and breathe. At some point I just found it way too boring and skipped some parts of the video to get further. In the end I added my own little stretching session and took some cool pictures. Well, at least I’d enjoyed the sunshine and the fresh air, right?

Joga im Test

So now, what’s my opinion on yoga? I want to be honest with you. I had hoped, that I would love it. I had hoped that I would magically turn into a super flexible, super balanced yoga guru. But as it seems, I’m not the right kind of person for that, I’m just too jumpy and overeager. The slow movements and same poses over and over again were just way too.. well.. slow for me. And a bit boring, to be honest. And yet I admire every single one out there who sticks with yoga! I bet that all those repetitions and the slowness of it all are the exact things, that turn it into something so calming and relaxing, am I right? I bet it’s the perfect balance to all the hectic life out there. But I just happen to be more of person for funny, jumpy, happy-music-classes, and slow runs remain my kind of balance.

BUT: are there any diligent yogis out there? Please please tell me about your experiences! Does one first have to get into that yoga-routine before you can start to enjoy it (like running maybe?)? Or am I just a hopeless goner? Do you feel like yoga actually balances your life and you feel better through including it in your weekly routine? Do you do it alone at home or do you take yoga classes? I want to know everything!

And now, lots of love from your Not-so-yogi





  1. Actually, I liked my first yoga session (which was a slow, restorative one) because that was what I needed at the time. But right now I’m in a more “moving” mood, and I love my Strala lessons! It’s focused on feeling good and you keep moving all the time on music, and the teacher changes the moves and playlist on a regular basis, so it’s not boring at all. Adrienne also has some more dynamic videos, if you’re not over trying with her. But yoga is also about patience, so some classes will be more challenging on that 😉

    • 21/10/2015 / 16:39

      I’m definitely the more moving kind. I’ll try to find more dynamic videos and give it one more go! Thank you so much for all the tips!