Trying out Crossfit

Hello my lovely fitgirls!
This series is being continued – Lottie tries out something new!
Sweating along with amazing music, being motivated by an extremely fit trainer und a great team? Strength, cardio and functional training at the same time? One hour of giving it all, so that you can only fall into bed afterwards! Sounds good right?

Yet I was quite critical in the beginning. My sister has been doing crossfit for months and had told me about one hundred push ups, fifty lunges, fifty sit ups. I’m in quite a good shape but ONE HUNDRED? Not sure about that…

Vor der Stunde - meine Schwester freut sich, dass ich mitkomme!

Before the class – my sister is excited as I’m coming with her!

1. class
The first lesson started with a long warmup of running, jumping, jogging, sprinting. After that the real part began. The teacher wrote the workout plan on a whiteboard – and my sister hadn’t been exaggerating! A hundred lunges, fifty sit ups, push ups and squats and after that a workout program with a barbell that we would do as many times as we could in 30 minutes.
It turned out to be manageable though – I divided the fifty into tens and the hundreds into twenties, had short breaks in between and that made it okay!

The second part was hard but okay too – BUT I have to admit that the 60 minutes got soooo long and boring! My body tired and I started getting grumpy – at some point I just thought that the whole concept was silly and the music awful. I wanted to cry, hated every minute of it and wanted the class to be over. I only continued for my sister’s sake and thanked god afterwards.

Opinion after the first class: much too long, much too boring because all the many repetitions, pure suffering. BUT it was hard indeed and really intense because we didn’t take any breaks during the 90 minutes, which I would have never managed on my own!

2. class
Yep – I went to another class and gave my sister’s favourite hobby another try! What should I say? It was incredible! SO GOOD! This time we trained in a part of the gym, where we had lots of different equipment – balls, benches, wheels, bags, bars, everything. And the whole class was more like a game – there were different stations with different tasks that we had to fulfil and we always had two minutes to fulfil them before changing to the next station. Weighted sit-ups on a diagonal benches, rolling that wheel around, Burpees with jumps on boxes – and all that done with a partner. My sister and I had so much fun!

Opinion after the second class: Amazing. So effective in time, so much fun, I didn’t even realise how an hour passed. New exercises and so motivating as the coach was correcting and motivating us. TOP!

3. class
Okay, actually it was my fourth class, but the third was just like the first – just more fun. But the fourth class was held in a real cross fit box – a room made just for crossfit! This time we had a workout plan that we would do ten times with ten reps for each excerises. The elements were quite a lot like those before: barbell squats, pull ups, jumps on a box and burpees. The music was good, the workout extremely exhausting but I did it! Winner feeling!

Opinion after the third class: Wow, wow wow!
Cross fit is genius, you get to use your whole body and do strength and functional training and cardio at once. It’s so hard – but so rewarding. Which makes it ABSOLUTELY ADDICTIVE!

12187734_10153500068074823_1846344738817045318_nLet’s see what I’ll try next for you (any suggestions?), but I’ll definitely stick with crossfit – as soon as I get rid of this soreness! 😉