#Travelhard Tips

I have been constantly travelling for quite a while now. I counted: during the last three months four nights have been the most I have spent at one place. Completely mental! But thanks to all that I thought it would be time to post a few tips on how make the best of your travelling. I’m yet not the best when it comes to travelling (I went to Turkey without a jacket and to Leipzig without a nice shirt for going out), but I’m slowly getting there…

  1. Pre-plan Your Outfits
    What will I be doing on my trip? Do I need fancy outfits, sporty outfits, heels or trainers? I go through all the things I’m planning to do and pack clothes for those. Then I always have some pieces that I can use for several occasions, like black leggings and black or white tops. Pretty shoes, that are good for walking as well, are real life-savers! PS.: never forget to pack a warm jacket or a scarf!

2. Easy Beauty-Hacks
Usually I keep my nails in a very natural colour, so even if the nailpolish cracks on the road, no one will notice. Shellac nails, that last 3-4 weeks, also make life so much easier! Only if I have something bigger coming up, I love to prepare by putting on some flashier nailpolish. It just makes me feel so much more special! :) Another thing, that I do before every trip: eyebrowplucking and epilating my legs (never shaving, as epilating only has to be done once a month instead of every few days!). This way I don’t have to worry about my looks on tour.

ibis budget leipzig

3. Sleep
Pretty outfits or looks don’t help at all, if I’m feeling groggy. That’s why I make sure that I get to sleep well and enough. For that I don’t need five-star-hotels and luxorious rooms at all – a simple but tidy room does it very well! I was very happy with the Ibis Budget Hotel in Leizpig last weekend: so clean, modern and nice, so quiet, so central and yet so cheap! Perfect choice! 7-8 hours of good sleep will make sure I’m always fit and feeling good on my trip. Also pack earplugs and eyepatches for extra sleep on planes and trains.

4. Treat Your Body Well
Eating well and rather healthy helps me feel my best, yet I often like to indulge when I’m travelling (all the pastries in Leipzig gave me an upset stomach, oops!). What’s most important though is that I don’t drink alcohol. This way I ensure that I’m always fit and can make the best of my trip! Feeling sloggy or even hungover and ill the next day would just ruin a big part of my travels! That’s why virgin mojitos are my favourite evening drink.

travel tips5. Move
Another part of treating my body well is exercising. A quick run in the morning will just make me wake up so much better, and whilst walking around a new city I also see so much more than from a taxi window!

6. Get Up Early
This way I can make most of the day and avoid crowds at the biggest attractions.

7. Smile and Say Hello
In Leipzig my mum and I shared tables at restaurants with locals several times – and that was amazing! We were told so many insider tips that no guidebook could ever have given us!

Are there any experienced travellers out there and what are your favourite #travelhard tips? I bet I still have lots to learn, especially as packing often takes me way too long! Anything you can teach me? Let me know!

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