Travel Plans & Life Plans

This summer is coming to an end today, which means it’s time to share a few thoughts with you. This summer something absolutely wonderful happened. It was a decision, that I made at the beginning of the year. And now I’m fully living it. I think I need to explain myself here: in December 2015 I was unhappy. I was turning 23 and felt like I had achieved nothing I wanted during my grown-up life. Study in England. Travel. Work as a freelancer. Be creative. I had done nothing and was depressed.

Then one day at the very beginning of 2016 I was sitting at my parents’ place and suddenly realised that I actually still have every chance to live my life. I am 23, but not 33. And definitely not 53 yet. My chance is not over yet. Why shouldn’t I grab it and live it now?

First I was very timid and careful with the experiment. Which experiment? My try to live a “dream life”. My try to turn my life into what I have wished for.

ReisepläneReisen 2016

As I said I was very very careful at the beginning. First I only accepted more invites and took more options. At some point I took my project “dream life” into my own hand. And all that turned into the craziest and most exciting summer of my life! First I was in Poland with my sister for two months. From there we travelled to Greece for a week. Then I studied in London at my dream uni for a month. Next I moved to Cologne. From there I travelled to Berlin five times in six weeks. I attended several fairs, a workout-party, went to my first festival (or rather to Wonderland!). In between I spent a weekend with my blogger friend Anne-Marie in Stuttgart and several days with Julia in Vienna. Now I’m writing from Germany’s capital city again, where I’ll be watching the Berlin marathon tomorrow.

On Sunday-night I’m flying back to Finland to spend some time with my little sister and to write my master’s thesis. Lili had to move out in order to be able to attend an IB school and it turns out that at an age of 15 she still needs some help with living alone. That’s what big sisters are there for (substitute mummies and best friends at once!). But I won’t be stuck there for too long. On October 14th I’m flying to Munich and on the 15th I will be hosting my next #veryberrypicnic there. Then later in October my journey continues to Antalya, Turkey, where I will be trying out the Gloria Hotels & Resorts and the Gloria Sports Arena and watch the Ironman competition. I don’t know when my life will calm down again – but I’m absolutely loving it.

reiseplaneI love my new life. I love my adventures. I love to see the world. But I also love my new attitude. I enjoy everything with my full hart. This change means I weight 2-3kg more, but I can also say that I have tried all the delicacies in every city, and what’s worth more would you say? Money also doesn’t matter as much anymore. I have learned that memories matter so much more than the number on my bank account. And the friends, who I spend time (and money!) with. I am a new person. That’s also why I had my hair cut. Bye bye boring hair! Hello new Lottie! I like you!

I still have some big goals and plans, that I haven’t gotten to yet (see my bucket list!), but my attitude towards them has changed. I know that they’re not impossible. I can get there, if I only work hard enough. And if I’m brave. I lost a few years by not believing in myself, but it’s not too late yet. I can live the life I have always wished for.



  1. 05/10/2016 / 23:27

    Rakastan sun asennetta! Ja niin moni tunne tässä kuulosti niin tutulta! Nautitaan vauhdista ja seikkailusta koko sydämellä <3

  2. 30/09/2016 / 10:09

    Hey Lottie, I have been reading your blog for a while – love your stuff!

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  4. Bego
    27/09/2016 / 01:54

    love following you on snapchat, and love everything about you! don’t ever change! 😘😘
    (fyi, spanish follower!!)

  5. 26/09/2016 / 12:31

    One day todays dreams will be plans :) Can’t wait to meet you :)