Three weeks before my half marathon

Here we go – now I can count the days until the half marathon by just using my own fingers and toes. It’s less than three weeks, help! And on 17 days until I board the airplane to Berlin. Which means that my nervosity is growing steadily!

Before my last half marathon (that was one of my first blogpost, you can find it here) I wasn’t nervous at all. My training went incredibly well, I did several runs of 8-10 km every week and then spontaneously signed up for the half marathon. And it  went so crazy well (read more here), I broke my personal best by 20 minutes and had so much fun! And this time? Well, this time it didn’t go quite as planned.

Which is sad, because I’ve been looking forward to this half marathon more than to any of my half marathons before (I’ve run three so far). For the first time I’m travelling just for a run, which puts my running hobby in quite a new perspective I think. On the day before I’ll joi a Shake Out Run by Nike, which is exciting too. And I’m running together with quite some of my blogger friends!

So what’s the problem? The ice. The darkness. The coldness. And especially the slush. First of all I hate running in the dark, but what’s even worse is that it was actually dangerous to run outside in Finland. It was slippery and you get absolutely wet feet. I had planned to run throughout the whole winter. Forget it. I ran a little on the treadmill but that was it. So now that the snow has finally melted (thank god for it!) I’ll try to give my best now to get ready for the half marathon.

So here comes my training plan for the upcoming three weeks! I really hope to motivate myself by writing down my goals and sharing them with you guys. I’d absolutely love to manage to finish the half marathon in less than two hours like last time – it’s not really likely but I’ll try to give my best during the upcoming three weeks to make it possible!




1. training: 5km fast, about 5:30/km

2. training: 8km with intervals

3. training: more than 10km

additionally 2-3 times strength training with a warmup on the treadmill (2,5 – 3km on 12 km/h), one restday

Who will join my training? :) We can of course motivate each other on Snapchat – my name is veryberrylottie!

Outfit by TAO, photos by Stefan Lindauer



  1. 22/03/2016 / 20:37

    Wonderful sneakers… love it !

    • 23/03/2016 / 12:48

      Aren’t they cool? Really good for short runs!