The one I love most

7 days.

7 days of being home are over already. I came here last Tuesday night, ditching my last days of uni, missing an important conference, running to the airport straight from a meeting and in the biggest hurry ever. But it was worth it.

We have laughed so much that we got sore throats and aching tummies. We have danced at zumba class. We have taken 564 photos. We have exchanged tops and shorts. We have worn matching outfits. We have done homework. We have skated. We have cycled. We have worked out. We have binge watched Germany’s Next Topmodel. We have sung Defying Gravity. We have had a Q&A on Snapchat. We have eaten 12 bananas as nana ice cream. We have annoyed security people by skating inside malls. We have had chocolate for dinner. We have done so much more. And I am an overall happy person.

In two weeks we are flying to Greece together. And I couldn’t be any happier. Because Lili is coming with me.

Last week at her school her teacher thought I was her little sister. Despite she’s 8 years younger than me. Before that would have killed me. Now I don’t mind anymore. We’re inner twins. Can’t you see?

There is nothing more rewarding than spending time with the ones you love. And if those live far away, there’s no price not worth paying to see them.










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  1. Lili
    10/05/2016 / 20:35

    I Love You