Ten tips to get things done!

Hey lovelies!

I bet you have already realised that I’m going through quite a stressful time. I work as a full-time marketing assistant, have started my master studies and try to work out at least five times a week. Furthermore I have an apartment that has to be cleaned now and then, I always cook myself and try to be active on instagram daily. Oh, and it would be nice if I found some me-time too. So many of you have asked me, how I manage to do all that. So here are my ten tips to motivate myself to kick ass!

It’s not uncommon that I make the mistake that I try to do ten things at a time. I decide to do homework but end up doing the dishes, then I remember that I could eat a snack now and come up with the idea to already change my clothes to my workout outfit to motivate myself. But that doesn’t work! And there are days, that are even worse – the days on which I don’t even start doing anything! I know that I have to do ten things and end up laying in bed all day or drink five mugs of coffee and surf on the internet. Oops.


Thank god I mostly remember to kick ass now at some point and start getting stuff done. And here are my tips to do so!

  1. Get up and start! Don’t give up before you’ve even started. If you’re tired and need a break, then plan how long that break is going to take and when you’ll get busy. That’s how you’ll prevent the break from getting longer and longer and longer…
  2. Deadlines. Try think about what you have to do and when it has to be done. Now you can make a order of importance. And be honest with yourself – is ordering the new scarf as important as your homework? Deadlines can also help! Come up with deadlines for little tasks to motivate yourself to get things done!
  3. Lists. I’m a total fan of lists! And I write every little thing that I have to do on lists – bringing out the trash, buying potatoes, making soup, doing homework (the exact tasks!), reviewing, vacuum cleaning etc. And the more detailed, the better! After that you number your list. What has to be done first?
  4. Prioritise. Do the most important task first. Then something easier to relax. That  way the load won’t feel to big. My task list might look like this: Write 3 pages of my essay, do the dishes, review, buy potatoes + make soup, write blogpost, tidy up the apartment.
  5. Little steps. Don’t ever plan to write a 10 page essay in one day! That’s something you won’t manage anyways and you will only disappoint yourself. Better plan to write two pages and end up writing four – then you’ll feel like a winner and there’s nothing more motivating!
  6. Reward yourself! You know that a good movie will come at 9pm and you want to have some yummy snacks ready by then? Well, then you know that you’ll have to have your tasks finished by 8.30 and then you can reward yourself. There’s nothing more motivating! The rewards can be more short notice, like a movie night, or long notice. I for example had planned to get myself a new bikini as soon as I finish my 12-week workout program and that’s what I did!
  7. The feeling after. Try to imagine how you feel after you’ve finished a task – how good and satisfied and relieved you will feel and how proud you will be. Sometimes the feeling before the task is worse than doing the task itself. I sometimes stress myself with tasks, that are actually easy to carry out! And then I wonder why I didn’t do them in the first place.
  8. Remember your goals. This is extremely important for me. Sometimes I want to postpone tasks or entirely skip them and get comfortable. But then I remind myself of why I need to do it now! If I didn’t finish my essay, I might have to do it next year, which means I won’t have finished uni by then and can’t move in with my boyfriend. If I don’t work out, I will never get my dream body. If I don’t run now, I will never run that half marathon. Motivate yourself through your goals!
  9. Find idols. Especially for workouts I often use Instagram as a motivator. There are so many great girls that post about their training schedules, and they remind me to kick ass! It really does help! Follow your idols on Instagram or, even better, on Snapchat. Believe me, it’s so motivating! If they can do it, you can too!
  10. Find a personal motivator. I have asked my boyfriend to motivate always me, when I want to give up. And he’s good! He even gets angry when I tell him I’m going to blog tonight instead of studying. Or when I tell him I’m too tired to work out. He reminds me of my goals. And as he exercises a lot too, I feel almost emberassed to admit that I’m don’t. Do you have a sister, best friend or boyfriend who could help you to stay motivated? Then give them that task!
  11. And if it doesn’t work… Here comes the last secret tip of my “Ten motivation tips”-list. There are some days, when it really doesn’t work. And on those days just close your laptop, put your legs up and decide to take a break. I bet all will be good tomorrow!