Taking Time Off (at Järvisydän)

Two months of working day and night lay behind me. If you have ever written a thesis or have just had lots of school work, you will know what I felt like. I had a cloud where my brains should be and legs that had forgotten how to move. What I needed, was a few days away from my desk. So when Mother’s Day rolled along, I came up with the best idea. I invited my family to spend a fun but relaxing weekend at the new spa resort in our city! It’s called Järvisydän (which means Lake Heart in Finnish), and I had never been there before. So on Friday night we hopped in the car and drove another 10km from the city center to a place located in the middle of forests and lakes.

And there it was. Up on the rocks stood the rugged but majestic Järvisydän Spa Hotel, surrounded by little wooden huts and the wild nature mysteriously lurking behind it. Trees reaching out to the spring like star-covered sky, the lake fighting to get rid of the last layers of ice. Sparkling lights and lanterns burning everywhere around the wooden buildings. I only heard the story two days later, but the land for the hotel had been acquired in 1655 and been a rest spot for travellers ever since. And rest was exactly what I was looking for.

järvisydän roomsScreen Shot 2017-05-25 at 16.24.10finland hotelI surprised my parents by leading them to the VIP-suite, and then my sister and I went down to our gorgeous wooden hut by the lake (I vlogged it all! I’m a bit behind on my videos, but it should be up in a few days!). It was wonderful. Everything smelled of wood, I could hear birds singing everywhere. Even the restaurant music could have been sung by robbers dancing around their bonfire. The staff was dressed in medieval farm outfits too. It felt like we had travelled back in time and so I switched my phone off and put it away too. It just didn’t fit the surroundings.

Lili and I watched TV and talked at night. We slept in a big soft bed, 11 hours straight and woke up to the sunshine peeking through the windows. After breakfast we went for a long long guided walk in the forest right behind the resort. That was possibly my favourite part of the entire weekend – I can’t remember when I last went for a family forest walk!? After about 2km we made a campfire, where we brewed our own coffee and tea, fried bread and sausages and just sat and talked in the sunshine. It was so lovely!

wildlife resortshelivesherdreamfinland campfirereindeerAfter that we spend the rest of Mother’s Day in the incredible Järvisydän spa. I can’t even begin to explain how crazy cool the Järvisydän spa was: a big cave, everything built out of natural material. Only birds and the water making a sound. At least five or more different saunas. Not to mention the pools: Lili and I had so much fun swimming and taking bubble baths in the jacuzzi.

I’m already looking forward to going back there in summer, as they were just building outside pools, outside saunas and a beach so you could swim in the lake too. This was definitely the perfect place for me to switch my brains off for a while! There was nothing else for me to think about, but which sauna to chose next.

IMG_8816-3rantasalmi hotelWhen you need some time off and want to recharge, this is what helps me. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that studies and work aren’t the most important things in life, but socialising and having fun matter too! So make sure to make time for it!

My top relaxation tips:
– Switch your phone and laptop off (this is very important!). No messages, no emails for at least a day.
– Spend time with your family. Talk, laugh a lot, or read and watch films without distraction.
– Exercise or swimming. Take some time just for yourself.
– Go outside. Enjoy the sun, fresh air, listen to the birds, walk.
– Sleep well and long. You probably need it!
– Sauna. Preferably with a book (I did that during the first night in our private sauna in our hut. Amazing!)
– Eat good food. During stress periods I tend to snack more unhealthy food and barely eat big, healthy meals. After that a healthy dinner feels like heaven!

järvisydän resortbest hotel finlandAfter this weekend at Järvisydän, I will for sure be ready to work again. Most important is not to think about work at all for a few days and to only do what makes me feel good, happy and relaxed. And now that my master’s thesis is done and a big chunk of stress worked off, I’ll make sure to schedule time for being outside, exercising, relaxing, talking to my family and reading every day (I read 30mins in bed every night now!), to prevent feeling as burnt out again!

Let me know in the comments what you do to to stay un-stressed! :)



  1. Sarah Greiler
    26/05/2017 / 23:16

    #snapchatfam ☕️

    Sounds and looks amazing! My favourite picture is the one with the teapots on the fire 😀 <3

  2. Sara R.
    26/05/2017 / 01:38

    Omg this sounds so so good exactly what I need… 😍 (as I’m sitting for hours writing my master thesis 🙄 ) Everything is so perfect and your photos are amazing! Well done it was worth the mosquito bite 😝
    Kisses, Sara
    P.S – #snapchatfam ☕️

  3. Eleonore Buffet
    25/05/2017 / 22:21

    Dear Lottie ☕ #snapchatfam name: eellieeeeee
    Soooo happpy you are blogging again and relieved for you that you have finished your masters and you must tell us how it went and what the board think of it. Your lake resort sounded absolutely beautiful and I am dreaming of that now. I wish i could come to Finland asap. I totakly understand you as I have been doing exam preparation and exams and still have some weeks to go. I also always find baking or cooking, walks or writing a long lettrr or something quite nice to distract and relax myself.
    Best wishessss and cant wait to hear more from you.

  4. Chantalle97
    25/05/2017 / 21:49

    Liebe Lottie 💕
    Das sind ja wirklich wunderschöne Bilder 😍 ich kann es kaum abwarten das YouTube Video anzusehen. 👍🏻
    Nach all dem Stress den du in den letzten Monaten hattest hast du dir eine Pause und einen Glücksmoment für deine Seele definitiv verdient.
    Und wie hast du es geschafft, dass dieses wunderschöne Tier direkt in die Kamera schaut ? Verliebt in diese Aufnahme. ❤️❤️
    Auch diesen Blogpost hast du wiedermal wunderschön geschrieben. 😘😊
    Liebe Grüße.

    Ps. #snapchatfamily #☕️ (Wie cool ist die Idee mit der Tasse bitte ? Wer liebt nicht Tee ? 😂)

  5. Marlena
    25/05/2017 / 21:33

    This looks so Amazing 😍 Nature is the best medicine during Stress… im writing my finals at the Moment and i cant Imagine a Time in my whole life in which i have been so stressed😅 I Love going hiking, alone and some good music😌
    Very Nice blogpost👏🏻❣️
    Snapchatgang ☕️ marlena_00

  6. 25/05/2017 / 21:21

    Hey Lottie, ich finde deine Idee super, ich war auch vor zwei Wochen nach meiner Abschlussprüfung in der Therme Erding und war froh ganz viel zu entspannen und ein paar Saunaaufgüsse mitzumachen. Ich finde deine Entspannungstipps super und würde dem nichts ergänzen wollen – Schlaf, Essen & Trinken sollte man bei Stress einfach nicht vergessen. :) Alles Liebe!

  7. Trixie
    25/05/2017 / 21:01

    Oh, I truly would love to visit this amazing place of yours. I have never seen such nature-like environment! Walls of stones and wood. Is there a ship in the middle of the reception area peeking out of the wall??? Relaxation pure!

    • Lottie
      18/06/2017 / 18:30

      Yes, you got that one right! It is a boat! Isn’t it amazing?? 😍