Staying healthy while travelling

Going on holiday is the most exciting thing but I know it can be tricky too. I always want to stick to my healthy and fit lifestyle, but waffles, crepes, nutella and the absence of my gym don’t always make it easy. For me it’s an important thing to be able to let lose and put my legs up now and then but mostly I enjoy my lifestyle and want to stick to it even in my free time. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who worries about whether I’ll be able to find good healthy food when they’re away, or that I’ll come home feeling less well than I did when I left. It’s such a shame for those worries to take away from your enjoyment of something special though so I wanted to share my top tips for a healthy holiday with you so that you can be prepared and love every minute of your trip!


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1) Always bring a water bottle. Water is super important in order to feel good and healthy, but it will also help flush out all the bad things. I love indulging during vacation (oh to all the salty risottos and glasses of wine), and staying hydrated is the key to yet feeling good. Simple steps like emptying your water glass will help you stay refreshed.

2) Find the healthy options. I love trying new restaurants or indulging on hotel breakfast buffets when I’m travelling. Mostly I don’t have many options either as I tend to be super busy. So what I do is to plan ahead what I’ll eat and then study the menu very well to find a good, healthy choice. When I don’t plan ahead, the menu tends to look super exciting and makes me wan to try it all. If I take the time to really think about what is good for me, I don’t go so overboard.


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3) Do some research. You can plan ahead even further. Google the place you go before the trip already – have a look for supermarkets, health food shops, juice bars, vegan restaurants and anything else you might need! It’s good to have a list of places you want to try so that you know where you can find the things you need. This way you won’t even end up at that BBQ grill house.

4) Pack healthy snacks! This is so important – when I’m travelling, I always walk much more than at home, and that makes me hungry. What happens? I crave for all the food around. When I have my healthy snacks with me that won’t happen!

5) Travel Excercise Routine. This is a tricky one. So many times have I changed into my workout gear, excitedly run to the hotel gym and then ended up staring at the two crosstrainers and kettlebells there. After that I made sure I knew enough functional exercises to be able to fully workout even without good gym gear. That’s why you too shou have a routine that’s adaptable to do in a hotel room, on a beach, or in that tiny hotel gym!

6) Grab the possibilities. I always incorporate activities into as much of my free time as possible, and vacations are the best opportunity to try sports that I don’t usually do! Right now I’m loving my time on the ski slopes and in the hotel’s swimming pool. Hiking, riding the bike through the local towns and running on the beach are amazing options too!

7) Rest. Make the best of your time and properly relax and sleep well. That’s what your time off is for, right?




I hope these tips will help you to feel good after your trip as well. BUT I don’t want you to forget that life and especially vacations are made for enjoying, so I don’t want you to be too strict on yourself. During my trip to Austria I had more than enough crepes with Nutella, big dinners with wine and Kaiserschmarrn, because that’s what makes holidays holidays and that’s definitely something I need from time to time. My salads and smoothies are awaiting me at home already.


These photos were taken during our trip to Austria at Walliserhof Brand.



  1. 25/03/2016 / 23:21

    wonderful plates! :) a perfect breakfast !

  2. 21/03/2016 / 20:42

    looks so healthy and delicious ! :)

    • 23/03/2016 / 13:40

      It definitely was! I want to go back asap – I miss the hotel breakfast!

  3. Lili
    13/03/2016 / 22:08

    Niin hienot kuvat, oli varmaan ihana loma.