Spontaneous Half Marathon

Good morning.
It’s wednesday morning, right before work. Yawn. But I’m already really nervous and excited. I made a decision. Finally.

Short background on my story. I’ve been running a lot since summer. And if I say a lot , I mean a lot. In spring 3-4 k used to be my short runs, 6-7 k the long, exhausting ones. Now I run between 9 and 15 k three times a week. When I realised that change I was so amazed, since I hadn’t been training like that on purpose, it had just happened! I’ve been enjoying my runs and become fitter than ever. That was a month ago and straight away I started googling for runs. First a bit ashamed, secretly. I haven’t been training for a run, so how could I join one?  But then I have to admit it: I’ve never been as good at running. Not even when I trained for my last two half marathons. Running never felt as easy and that’s a fact. 

So now after thinking about it for several weeks, I made the decision. I’m going to run a half marathon this Saturday. And I’m excited! ‘Real’ runs like this make you feel like you’ve actually been running for a reason and that you achieve something. It is so motivating!

The only thing that I’m not excited about is the fact that this half marathon route is really boring – I’m going to run the same route of 3,5k six times! I hope that it won’t feel too tiring and demotivating to run past the goal so many times. First I almost decided not to sign up because of the awful route, but now I’m trying to take it positively – I’ll let the runners, that have finished the run already, motivate me! And there’s another good part about this: the route is supposed to be really shallow and gentle – not like my last two half marathons, where I had awful climbs at 18 k! In Shanghai it was the bridge over the Huangpu river, in Tampere a hill. Horrible! This won’t happen this time.

Herewith I promise you some pre-half marathon posts during the next days, and please keep your fingers crossed for me!



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    • 21/10/2015 / 16:38

      Awwwh, you’re the best! Thank you so much, I really hope so! The 6 rounds will be tricky though!