Split training

Who follows me on Snapchat, should by now know that I split my training. On one day I only train my legs, on the next I complain about my ab pain. Before that wouldn’t have been the case – when I started working out, I started my training at the front door of the gym and trained my way to the back and called it full body workout. Which of course was followed by the appropriate consequences: full body muscle pain and a workout break of at least three days. During the last years I overburdened my body and had to learn from flus and tiredness that my muscles do need breaks after all. And it’s common knowledge that muscles grow during quiet beriods. That’s why I now split my training.

Depensing on the frequency of your training you should split your body in muscle groups, which will be trained together. Those muscles will then have a break during the next excercise day. But split training has even more advantages.If you’d train all your muscles every day, that would take at least two hours for one workout. But when you split your training, the focus and the intensity on the muscles is much higher, you can put more energy in those groups and during the breaks the other muscles can grow. Oh, and the chance of over-excercising isn’t as high.


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There are a lot of trips online regarding split training. But in the end it’s up on how often you work out and what your weak points are. Here are a few general hints: Train your big muscles before the small ones, weak ones before strong ones. I myself train 5-6 times a week and that’s why I have a three-split, because that way I manage to train all muscles about twice a week. My personal training split looks like this:

shoulder – triceps – chest
back – abs – biceps
legs – bum

Additionally to my stregth training I run before each workout to get some cardio training as well. But don’t overdo it! Especially if you do split training, resting is super important. Not only the rest that your muscles have, when you train other groubs, but full body rest too. You need rest days and you need to sleep well. Your body’s growth hormone is most active during slow-wave sleep phases. Another good reason to go to bed early and make sure you get enough sleep. 😉


Photos by Stefan Lindauer

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