7x things to make me happy

Right now I feel like a newborn person. So warm and cozy and satisfied. Sluggish and little tired. The apple crumble burned my palate a little and drinking tea hurts now, but I don’t mind. I just feel so good.

It’s been five months now since I packed my suitcase. In this blogpost you can read all about my travels. Now I’ve been back to Finland for almost a week, but I’ve been working without taking a breath ever since. So much work had piled up during my travels and I had way too much to catch up on. All that turned into a week with at least 10 hours of work per day – or should I say ‘per night’? But this morning I managed to get through with it all.

The moment when I closed my laptop was beautiful. A whole load fell off my back. And I caught up on something different, that was due for a long time.


  1. I went to the sauna. It was amazing, considering that we only had 15°C degrees outside!
  2. I swam in the lake. The water was 12°C degrees. I screamed every time I jumped in, but the feeling after was breathtakingly good. I did this mix of sauna and swimming for 2 hours in a row!
  3. I laid on the sunny platform and listened to an audiobook.
  4. I cooked a sweet potato soup with ginger and coriander and ate it with my mummy.
  5. I collected apples in the garden and baked apple crumble.
  6. I drank christmas tea with milk and lots of honey.
  7. I put my legs up and watched a crime film.

Now I feel newborn.

Days like this are incredibly important. And not only when you’ve finished work. To be hones, I could have just kept working today, there’s still so much to do. But it was important that I made a full stop and put everything away and also stopped thinking about it all. That felt so good. And I’m sure I will be much more productive tomorrow.

Here come some pictures from today in a chronologial order. My dad even documented my morning swim at 2°C degrees to prove that I really did it!



Finland Autumn


Herbst in Finnland


How about you share a few things that made you happy today in the comments? :)



  1. 03/10/2016 / 18:36

    Ihana postaus jälleen! Sun blogista ihan pursuaa positiivista energiaa! xx