Feeling Self-Confident & Beautiful

I looked at old photos of myself today. I literally can’t believe how skinny I was a couple of years ago (especially considering how fat I always thought I was!). Or how extremely muscular I was about 1,5 years ago (that sixpack!). And yet, now being 8 kg heavier and nowhere near to a sixpack, I can tell you that I have never been as happy with myself. Never as attractive or as confident.

And I have asked myself so many times: Why do some people feel beautiful and self-confident even if they don’t have model-like features, whereas as others — like some fashion models, actors and others known for their beauty — don’t feel that way?

It took me a little while to figure out my own situation. I used to look really fit – I felt ugly. Now I’m not as fit anymore – I feel much better. Why is that? I found two reasons that I think have a lot to do with feeling beautiful and self-confident.

  1. how we feel in general (about our life, not just looks).
  2. how we take care of ourselves.


I am quite sure that with doing what you love, with feeling good about what you’re doing, with being surrounded by people who make you feel like you’re part of something bigger – that’s when confidence kicks in. And a confident feeling about you as a person will make you feel more confident in general. At least that’s what happened to me when I started to go to uni, and especially now during the past year when I really started working on my dreams and only doing things I love. I have something to show for myself, and that makes me feel attractive.

And number two plays such a big role too. When I take care of myself, my body and my looks, I feel so much better about myself. It might be a pretty outfit or new sunglasses, or just a lot of smaller things that one can do every day and will make me feel so much better about myself. There is quite a list of things that contribute to that. Sports (obviously). Drinking enough water. Eating healthy food. Treating yourself with pizza or ice cream (because that is important for mental health! :) ). Going out in the sunshine enough. Sleeping enough. Wearing something that is both comfy but also looks good on you. Earrings. Nail polish. Lipstick.

Body confidence doesn’t just come like that, but it’s a long process. It took me to get to my 20s and then especially the last year to turn into a person who I think looks okay the way she looks. I now enjoy dressing up, don’t mind dancing in a sports bra and sometimes watch my vlogs and think “hey, I look good there!”.

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