Running made easy

Good morning!
One of your most common questions is how I started running and if I could share any useful tips. So here come my tricks on how to start running. Becoming a runner was one of my dreams, and I’m so glad that I’ve achieved it! Oh and what’s best about running: you don’t anything but good shoes and so you can start right now!

  1. Start slowly: Especially in the beginning running can feel quite hard and exhausting. I started with 3km, during which I always walked and jogged for a minute by turns. That’s how I managed without dying halfway. 😀
  2. Pace: Don’t run too fast! If you could talk easily during running, your pace is just right!
  3. Motivation: Running is the easiest way to burn calories. Running forms your body. And when you keep running, it will get easier every day!
  4. Distraction: I always listen to positive music, the radio or an audiobook – that’s how I forget what I’m actually doing!
  5. Positive factors: Surround yourself with positive things: pretty sportswear, a nice surrounding, sunshine instead of twilight. That makes starting the run easier!
  6. Don’t overdo it! Some people will tell you to run 3-4 times a week. I think that’s way too much! You’ll soon get tired of it. For me 1-2 times a week was enough.
  7. Goals: for me it’s really helpful to have a goal that I’m training for. Signing up for a run is what works best! But remember, that it doesn’t have to be a marathon! A 5k run will be good, or maybe the 10k New Year’s Run. And always sign up a few months before, so you’ll have time to get in shape for it. This is so motivating, because you won’t want to crawl through the finish line, right? 😉 (Read more about my next goal and join me here!)
  8. Just get running: laying around on the sofa wondering if you should go running or not, won’t help. Running just takes 20-60 minutes, so stop thinking and get running, you’ll be back before you know it!
  9. Routine: As soon as running 1, 2 or 3 times a week turns into a routine, you’ll stop thinking about it. So make it a habit!

And because you asked: For me it took just a few weeks to manage fully running the 3k. By now I can easily run 21k, even though my training consists of only 5-12 km mostly including little walking breaks. Oh and nowadays I don’t need to think about going for a run anymore – I just do it, and I have learned to enjoy it!

Do you like to run, how much do you run and what are your goals? Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to comment! :)

And now – have fun running!



  1. Ash
    08/12/2015 / 10:25

    Hey Lottie,
    I was just wondering what’s your pre and post workout snack and meal? :)

    • 08/12/2015 / 20:22

      Hi! Before workouts I often have fruit, after workouts always a big dinner. Workouts make me so hungry and I need a good mix of carbs and veggies and sometimes meat. And I could never work out before breakfast as some people do – I always need to charge by eating before I can move 😀