Right Now

If you guys knew where I am right now. Do you know these little wooden huts with curtains that stand on paradise islands, where one can lie and relax in the soft pillows, listen to the waves crashing, smell the salty ocean air and watch the sun going down in the endless sea?

That’s where I am sitting right now. This is completely surreal. This is paradise. Which is the reason why I’m sitting here: I had to get my pictures onto the laptop, the laptop into the internet and this post to you. You just have to see this!

After a 13 hour journey I arrived late at night yesterday and had a salad and seafruit at the spectacular buffet (I have never ever seen anything similar before!). This morning I had to get up early to go diving. The Vigo Tours driver picked me up at my hotel at 8 and then drove me to the most beautiful marina in Kemer. At the diving spot there unfortunately weren’t many reefs, but I absolutely enjoyed refreshing my diving skills with a good coach and just relaxing on the deck of our boat. Closing my eyes and being happy. I would definitely recommend this trip for beginners, because the shallow water was perfect to learn diving!

Right now I’m sitting here in this little hut on the beach, writing to you. Enjoying the moment. Wondering what it would be like if time froze now. Because it couldn’t be much more beautiful.


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I guess I’m happy that time doesn’t freeze. If I always lived here, watching the sun sink into the ocean every night, eating a massive salad, curry shrimps and fried auberine every day, I maybe wouldn’t appreciate it as much. The mix of busy everyday life, long bus rides, boring meetings, leftovers and packed lunches and then these gorgeous moments make us appreciate what we have in life.

I hope that you out there, reading this blogpost, remember to treat yourself with beautiful moments too.



  1. 24/10/2016 / 01:17

    Lottie I love this post! I’m following along on Snapchat and it looks like you are having a great time, enjoy it! :)



  2. Conny
    22/10/2016 / 21:26

    Looooooooove it!
    Genieße die Zeit dort für mich mit :*