Review of 2015

Last week of 2015 – so it’s obviously time for a review. A lot has happened this year but I’m quite sure you don’t want to know it all. For instance did I start studying graphic design but had to quit because of the dog/uni mascot that I was too allergic of. I lived in four different places and went to eight different countries. But what was most important, what did I enjoy most and what did I learn?

Favourite food and drink:
Real Indian curry. I went to the best two Indian restaurants in London and Wroclaw and can’t even express how good it tastes. My favourite drink was soy chai latte at Starbucks. But I’ve also started drinking coffee this year – a bad addiction that I want to get rid of asap!

Best decisions:
Starting uni in September even though I didn’t get into the school I wanted and starting this blog in October. Also quitting my job just a few weeks ago in order to concentrate more on these two things in 2016. Well done, me! Another crazy cool decision was to go to London with my sister after dreaming about it for years. It was the biggest adventure of the whole year (read about it here)!


I’ve come back to enjoying running (I really didn’t until this summer!) and broke my personal best in a half marathon by 20 minutes (read more here!). I also signed up for yet another half marathon! This has been my first full year of lifting weights and I’ve been addicted to crossfit for several months now. But I also learned, that sometimes I have to have other priorities besides sports. Sometimes life gets too busy and then I shouldn’t feel bad about myself.

During the first four months my boyfriend of five years Chris and I lived together in a gorgeous apartment (completely painted and furnished by us) in western Germany. Then in May I moved back to Finland, as I got an amazing job there and have stayed ever since to study in my home country. Long distance relationships aren’t really enjoyable, but sometimes they’re worth it. I don’t like waiting but I love to have him back whenever we see each other. And one day we’ll live together again!


2014- mid 2015 was awful as I did a gap year and barely had no money and barely earned anything. Then from May on I worked as a marketing assistant and saved up as much as I could. I was really really prudent and saved every cent I could. But then I started investing in myself. I flew to Berlin for an influencer conference, I bought a new lens for my camera and my sister and I travelled to London for the most wonderful Christmas holiday. I learned what I worked for – not for spending, but for using.

Self love:
This has been a big topic for me. In spiring I was depressed as I wasn’t doing anything important. When I got my job, I started feeling better about myself on the one hand, on the other hand worse as I didn’t have as much time for sports and gained weight. I started counting calories. Then I went to uni and started crossfit. Without even realizing, I stopped keeping track of how much I ate and worked out and instead did it intuitively – and learned, that self love and body love has a lot to do with loving your life. I love what I do and am happy overall with myself now. Best feeling ever.


Apart from my little sister, whom I grow fonder to from day to day, I have met so many blogger girls this year and it’s crazy how alike to me most of them are! I have finally found something like soulmates, whereas I always used to be different from my classmates! Up there you can see one of the most inspiring and lovely girls I have ever met – Klara.

She believed that she could so she did!

I’d love to hear about your favourites of 2015 – and my dreams and wishes for 2016 will come soon! And you make sure you make the best of the last week of this year!




  1. 01/01/2016 / 07:04

    Some of my 2015 highlights? Trying dragonfruit for the first time…finding roommates who make college living an absolute blast…experimenting with vegan baking…celebrating one year with my boyfriend…and lots of quality time with friend and family (including a Mud Run 5K with my Dad and sis!)

  2. Agnes
    31/12/2015 / 11:10

    So ein toller Jahresrückblick, Lottie:)
    Ich verfolge seit einiger Zeit dein instagram und freu mich immer über deine inspirierenden und motivierenden Texte:) Mach weiter so:)