Reasons to sign up for a run

Yesterday morning I flew back from Berlin – a bit sad, as I didn’t get to see much of that amazing city. But chin up Lottie, you’ll be back soon! It’s early December which means that it’s only four more months until my big day. Who knows what I’m talking about?
Of course the Berlin half marathon on April 3rd. And I’m so looking forward to it. I haven’t really begun training yet as my left knee hurts a lot, but I hope that I can start soon. And to share some of my anticipation I now want to share my reasons on why to sign up for a run.

  1. Health. When you have signed up for a run, you’re much more motivated to train. And that has several positive effects. Not only do you become a better runner day by day, but it pushes your health and fat burn too.
  2. Keep promises. Is your new year’s promise to become healthier and fitter and do more sports? Then sign up for a run in late spring and you couldn’t stop running after January even if you wanted to!
  3. Good feeling. Running gets easier with every run. And the feeling gets better with every run too. Which is one more reason why you should keep going!
  4. Pride. A run is something that you’ll remember your lifetime. I still keep telling stories of my first half marathon which I ran at 17. It’s something that makes you the person you are and pushes your confidence too!
  5. Happiness. When you have never run a run, you don’t even know what you’re missing out on. Alcohol, drugs? Not for me. I run over finish lines and have the same endorphins for months!
  6. Gift for yourself. Sometimes we’re allowed to be egoistic and get ourselves little gifts. And I don’t mean clothes by that – a run costs about as much as a new pair of jeans but it’s something you’ll keep for a lifetime.

How about you get yourself a ticket for a half marathon for Christmas and as a New Year’s promise?

If you come from Finland, I’d love you to join my Berlin Halfmarathon team via PWT Urheilumatkat! I’ve been thinking about getting a team T-Shirt for us and create a hashtag to motivate each other online. Do you have any ideas for names?

And if you don’t come from Finland and won’t travel with me, we can still meet up after the run and celebrate together! Who’s in?

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