Quinoa Parfait

A few weeks ago I tried quinoa for the first time and of course I had to try all the different options straight away. I had it as a side dish, cooked it inside my curry and now I tried a sweet alternative and made myself some parfaits to take to work – and it wasn’t bad at all!

But first a few words on quinoa (pronounced: “keenoah”). It comes from South America and has just arrived in Europe, where its’ turning into quite a trend. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and plant protein. Especially because the protein it’s really popular among vegetarians and vegans! I myself don’t eat it that much because I don’t think my food has to be brought to my plate from the other side of the globe, but apart from that I think that quinoa is a great alternative to the usual sides you get here!



1 cup quinoa (I got mine from Quinola)
1/2 l oat or soy milk
1/3 lemon juice
2 tsp vanilla extract (I use this)
2 tbsp sugar or sweetener (I use this, but agave or maple syrup would work too!)
1/2 tsp cinnamon
some plain yogurt

frozen strawberries
lemon juice

Fresh berries and seeds to serve (I used strawberries, lingonberries and sunflower seeds).

1. Cook your quinoa in the plant milk until it’s completely soft. For me it took about half an hour, after that I added some more milk and let it soak and cool down. For some more creaminess I added some natural soy yogurt later, but that’s optional. Sweeten as required.
2. Blend your frozen strawberries, and add sweetener and lemon juice.
3. Now place the strawberry mixture on top of your quinoa pudding in little jars (I got mine here) and decorate it all with berries and seeds. Serve soon as long as it’s cold and enjoy!