Q&A part 2

Hey there!
A few days ago I published my first Q&A, and as you’ve continued asking so well, I decided to do another one, and here come my answers! You can find the first one here.

What do you think about IIFYM?
I could (and should?) write a whole post about that. I don’t like tracking what you eat. I tried it for five weeks to try it out and ended up eating just the same as before. If you eat intuitively, have salads for the little hunger, carbohydrates such as potatoes or rice or bread when you need them, and eat what you feel like eating, you will take in just the macros that you need. Our bodies are smart and tell us things like that.

What languages do you speak?
Finnish and German are my native tongues (I’m a finn but I grew up in Germany), I speak english fluently and Chinese well, thanks to my four years in Shanghai. Oh and Latin, if you want to count that.

I have been asking myself for a while what you study now.
Something amazing! I’m doing my master in (wait for it!) “Multimedial communication with focus on digital media”. It took me so long to learn that name. 😀

Do you still do the BBG?
Mhh, no. And I’m not sure if that’s good or not. But since I joined a new gym that offers amazing courses (like crossfit and bodypump) I felt like it would be a waste if I didn’t use them and work out on my own instead. But I should do it again in summer – I like what it does to my body. 😉

Why are you so cute?
Hahahaha what a sweet question! Before I used to hate the word “cute” because I felt that due to my size I could never be more, never be “beautiful” or “elegant”. But now I like it!

Do you study or do you go to school?
Study! I’m actually already doing my master. But that’s only because I did my bachelor in 1,5 instead of 3 years. Or well, I already managed to have two gap years as well, oops. Time flies.

Why did you start this instagram account?
Because of my sister. “Lottie, you’re so old-fashioned, why don’t you have Instagram?” – “What should I even post there?” – “How about your smoothie?”. That’s how it started. :) And I’m thankful for it. (read more here)

What would be your dream job?
After searching for years and years (read more here), I have finally found something that I really want to do. I want to live what I can do best, which is my creativity. It would be my dream to work as a marketing manager for WWF and plan their amazing campaigns and reach and touch people that way.

If you have more questions, just ask away!
xx Lottie



  1. 04/01/2016 / 23:25

    So, did I get it right that you basically experienced what typical people would do experience in like 40 years of life, minus the fact you are only 23? 😀

    • 21/03/2016 / 16:14

      Hahahaahahaha best comment ever!