Protein Powder – yes or no?

Instagram, blogs, even magazines and recipe books have been bombarding us with the following words for at least a year: whey, protein, amino acids, shakes. Pancakes turned into protein pancakes, after a workout a protein shake is absolutely necessary.

But is that really true?

After my blogpost about my diet I got lots of questions about how I keep a plant-based diet with the amount of sports I do. I got asked if I take lots of supplements. At this point I have to mention that I train about 5-6 times, of which five times are strength training with weights. Now I have to get scientific: protein is the most important component of our muscles. If you want to build muscles, your body has to be supplied a corresponding amount of proteins. If you do a lot of sports, but if don’t give your body any proteins that can even even be harmful, because your muscles can’t regenerate and your body takes the protein from the muscles themselves, resulting in a muscle reduction instead of growth.


A balanced diet should provide you with all the nutrients you need. Proteins from “real” food like eggs, meat, fish or milk products are enough for us mortals (read: not bodybuilders). But you might know that I am allergic to milk and barely ever have meat, fish or eggs. So what now?

That’s why I got myself protein powder now. I already know that I’ll never be a whey-junkie like so many other fitness bloggers, but I think taking it now and then after a hard workout might even be a good idea. Or I can mix it into my oats in the morning. What is important with protein powder is that the quality is good. Did you know that our body just flushes out bad supplements, because it can’t absorb them? That’s just money thrown away.


That’s why I ordered this really high-quality ESN Designer Whey, which I found at the Fitmart online store. As you can sehe on their page it’s really good and that’s why my muscles can absorb it fully. Oh, and it’s produced in Germany. But I guess I have to admit that I only chose it because the flavours sounded so nice. 😉 Cinnamon Roll is my favourite to put into my oats, banana makes banana ice cream even tastier and hazelnut makes soy yogurt turn into nugat yogurt (it’s quite sweet but a good dessert!). Which flavour would you choose?

To sum it all up: supplements make sense, if you train a lot, if your diet isn’t all balanced or if you’re a real body builder of course. And now I need your tips:

What are your favourite protein recipes? How else can I use it?

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  1. Bernarda
    03/07/2016 / 21:23

    I bought My protein and I love it in my oats. Or pancakes. Or waffles 😊❤ or smoothie. But I don’t use it every day. I love the taste so I add it sometimes in my meals. I think I could never drink it with water. It’s just does not sound tasty to me 😅