Posters, Lights & Anti-Homesickness Tricks

I have started to pack. I still have two weeks to go and I have started packing already. This is very, very untypical for me and I have to admit, I am quite proud of myself.

If you have read my past few blogposts or watched my vlogs, you will know that I am finally, finally moving to London. “Finally” in the sense that I have been dreaming of this move for years, but I have always been too scared or to cautious to actually do it. I first thought I should be a good girlfriend and stay with my boyfriend instead of going after my dreams, and during the past year I have wanted to look after my sister. Girls! I could (and maybe should) write a whole post on this topic, but remember that YOU ARE YOUR PRIORITY! If you put someone before yourself, you will regret it!

interior posters

And yet – now that I am finally moving and making my dream come true, I am still incredibly scared. Especially scared that I will miss Lili, or that she will miss me, that I don’t find friends, my room or flatmates are terrible, I run out of money… there are a lot of things that scare me! But because at the same time I am beyond excited and happy, I have decided to actively do something against these fears and make my move to London as smooth and homey as possible.

That is why I am already planning to make my room a very, very lovely one, so I feel at home straight away! For quite a few years now I have lead a nomad life and haven’t had a steady home, but lived here and there due to studies, jobs, boyfriends etc. This is the first time, that I am packing all my stuff and building myself a real, proper home, away from everything I have known so far. It makes me excited and I am planning to make it a lovely one!


So I went online and ordered myself super pretty posters and frames from Desenio, that will make me feel comfortable and inspire me in my new home. I got pretty rosegold frames for my inspiring quotes, that remind me of why I am in London: “Now is the time to start living the life you have always imagined”, and “Just find something you like and do it forever”. Then I got the most beautiful rose-gold foiled world map, that should show me the big world that I still want to conquer! And last, but not least, two pretty paintings that really caught my eye: big beautiful green leaves, that will bring life to any room. I framed them in black wooden frames and I bet they would look super stylish next to an actual plant, or with my fairy lights. Don’t you think that posters and lights make a room look so personal and cozy?


I will bring these to London with me, as well as a pillow Lili made for me, my teddy (yes, I am 24 years old!), fairy lights, my favourite pyjamas and some other things that will make me feel at home. And hopefully those will help me settle in without getting too homesick!

If you have any other tips that will help me conquer my homesickness, let me know! I have already booked tickets for two events that I will go to with some friends that I made in summer, and a long-time friend will come visit me in October. Any more tips? Please let me know!

Also, if you want some pretty posters or frames too (I got frames for all the pictures I had at home and I’m so happy! They were really cheap!), you can use my code LOTTIE25 at between 29.8.-31.8. It works in all countries and you’ll get 25% off your order!

In collaboration with Desenio



  1. Marisa Kristina
    29/08/2017 / 22:13

    Reading this post made me so so happy. The pictures are wonderful and the text is beautifully written. Finally you’re about to live your dream, do what you always wanted to do in your favourite city in the world🇬🇧 I’m so proud you’re taking this step into a new adventure and I really look up to you. I understand your fears but be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire and never give up on your dreams. #teamliveyourdream
    Btw loving the posters, I’ll definitely use the discount code to purchase some myself.
    Lots of love xx

  2. Eleonore Buffet
    29/08/2017 / 10:25

    Oh Lottie you cannot believe how haappy this blog made me! I am so thrilled for you that you are finally doing this. Apart from the sheer coincidence that I am currently also planning my mive to London for in two weeks, I am excited for your new beginning. My main problem is the limited space of london rooms and therefor not being able to, bring that many things. BEst of luck to you