tonight I have to share a few thoughts with you, that are bobbling my mind and even stressing me out a bit to me honest. I’m talking about the hashtag #noexcuses, which is often used along with workout post. “You have no reason to not work out. They’re just excuses. No excuses!”

I myself am sitting on the train with an untouched sports bag right now. And I have a bad conscience, because I didn’t go to gym.

But what if there really are things that come before workouts? Today my uni girls and I prepared a presentation and it took much longer than we thought. After that I wrote down all my exam dates, printed a few pages for my homework and then I had to leave for the train. Honestly no time for a workout. But there are other things as well, that come before workouts. School and uni always do. And what if your friend wants to meet you or it’s your grandpa’s birthday? What about #noexcuses then?

This is not an easy question. Because there really always are those, who come up with reasons to not have to do sports. There you can remind them of #noexcuses. But there are others as well. There are those, who do sports and forget about everything else. Friends, family, fun and school. And you have to make sure to not get into that situation! All these things are super important as well. I have slowly had to learn that too. I remember how I went for a run instead of visiting my grandparents or having a movie night with my sister. What happened? My grandma died last year and my sister moved away. Yep, it can be that extreme.

What’s most important, is balance. Do sports in order to stay fit. But also meet friends, go to the movies, cook for your family and learn for school in order to stay happy. Find a balance in which you don’t need #noexcused for anything. And you won’t need a bad conscience either!