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October doesn’t only mean that summer is over now, but it also means that I have to go to back to uni. This will actually be my last semester! I wish I could say that with more enthusiasm.

I thought I’d tell you a bit about my studies. One could present the story in two different ways.I can tell you that I have studied and learned a lot. I studied literature, linguistics and communication studies for my bachelor. Those were things I was interested in. I also studied creative writing and politics during my exchange. I didn’t have the most exciting study life, because instead of my career, my passions or normal student life I concentrated on my boyfriend and on being with him as much as possible. Nowadays it makes me a bit sad, to be honest. As a student you should enjoy student life and make the best of it. That doesn’t necessarily mean the parties, which really aren’t my kind of thing. But there are trips, events, extracurricular activities. You can go on exchange on the other side of the world, instead of a dull corner in Germany. You can study everything you love. You should do all that – not just sit at home as much as possible.

medienkommunikationCommunication Studies

My master’s course was a lot more suitable already. I study Digital Media Communication. As a blogger I communicate through digital media – bam! Perfect! But I have to admit that I’m not super happy with my MA studies either. Most of the courses are quite dry and boring, but what was worse is how many other things I did additionally to my studies. Last autumn I didn’t only blog but also worked 20 hours per week as the social media manager for a leading Finnish company. This spring I established my own company. And you guys know how much I have been travelling. This autumn I’m only writing my master’s thesis anymore and then I will be done.

But this post shouldn’t be depressing or discouraging in any way. My own time as a student didn’t quite go as I expected it to. But somehow it was perfect at the same time. During my studies I worked in marketing departments of three companies and as a radio reporter as well. I have had lots of responsibility. My studies opened lots of doors. The perfect mixture of studies and practical experience have taught me a lot and I can call myself a social media expert without any hesitation. And also I’ve learned that I love studying and I’m sure this won’t be the end of my time as a student. I just happen to do lots of things rather unconventionally. Remember how I studied at the University of the Arts London this summer? That was my kind of uni. It was so much harder, so much more demanding and all that made me learn so much more! I loved it! And as I said in one of my last blogposts I know that I still have lots of chances to live my dreams, and why shouldn’t I still get into my dream uni? London, Cambridge, Stanford, Harvard… why not?


Okay and now FINALLY I get to introduce you to my beloved new uni-backpack! So many of you ask me about it day for day on Snapchat. The backpack is from a brand called AEP and I love it so much. Last year I used fabric bags or a free advertisement bag to uni every day, that’s how frugal I was. Now I have this new litte very ergonomic baby with lots of pockets, and reflectors, and it’s so beautiful too! I bet uni will be much more fun with it!

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  1. 02/10/2016 / 13:00

    The backpack is so cool and classy! All of my backpacks are the „typical“ sports-backpacks from Adidas/Reebok/Nike with at least a bit of bright neon colour and I sometimes feel a bit like a 10 year old next to the „all grown up“ girls with tote bags at uni 😀

    Regarding the studies, I am exactly at the point where I don´t know what to do. I have started a Marketing and management masters course two weeks ago, but the classes are super challenging for me, as they are built on stuff I didn´t learn before (I gratuated at another university)… I will probably try to suck it up and see if I can pass this semester, but I have seriously considered quiting and finding a job, then applying to another course/university in the spring. Decisions decisions.