My fitness watch: Polar M400

Good evening fitties!

So many people have been asking me about my sports watch on instagram, so I thought I’d tell you more about it here, because I can only recommend it!

I’ve got the running watch M400 by Polar. So, what does it do? First, it shows you the time (obviously haha). Second, it tracks your activity. Third, it can measure your pulse. And fourth, your walking or running distance.

The activity thing is basically what’s best about the watch. You fill in your age, weight, height, amount of regular activity, favourite sports and much more online and that way it will find out how much you’d need to move daily. All day it will track what you do and that bar keeps filling up. For me it has definitely been a huge motivation to try to fill out the activity bar every day and I’ve read how much it has helped people with weight loss!

What’s even better about this watch, is the app that it goes with. It’s called Polar Flow. It tracks so many things: calories, steps, walking distance, activity time and sleep. Using the app is super easy as it connects via bluetooth and you can pair it with many other apps (like MyFitnesspal!). The amount and the quality of my sleep has been super interesting to track too. Furthermore, the app constantly gives me new ideas for different kinds of activity. I haven’t thought about swimming in quite a while, maybe I should go swimming again…

Plus, the watch is amazing for my runs. No more running apps, yay! The M400 tracks my pace and the distance of my run, and the watch makes me run a lot faster and further, because I can finally see the numbers on the way! And after my run the watch will tell me if I broke a personal record and and what the run (or other workout) was good for. Amazing!

To sum it all up: Polar is an amazing (Finnish!) brand with a super good working app, the watches are extremely motivating to keep moving and to be a lot more active than I’ve ever been (the watch even tells you to get up when you’ve been sitting for an hour during the day), the syncing is super quick and easy and in my opinion the price (about 160€) is absolutely worth it and not expensive at all! I would also like to recommend you one of the Loops, if you just want to move more and don’t really need another watch – they just track your activity during the day. They just brought out a new Loop (A360) that tracks your pulse from your wrist and which goes up on my wish list for the days when I want to wear a design watch but still want to keep tracking!

Phew, enough reviewed now. Please tell me if you’d like to read more reviews in the future!
And now, stay active and stay amazing!