My first Nike Event

Last week was a super exciting one for me. It was my first real visit to Berlin, I ran the half marathon there and then I ended up staying longer to take part in a Nike event, that I was spontaneously invited to. It was the launch of the new Nike Free Revolution shoes and I guess you can understand that I couldn’t say no! (Someone please pinch me! A year ago I followed some bloggers, who took part at a Nike event and said that I would love to PAY for being there! And now I was actually invited!)

And it was definitely worth it. First I wasn’t sure if I should stay in Berlin for two more days just to see a new Nike shoe (you know I love my Nikes, but would to wait for two days just to try one on? Hmm..), but now I’m so glad that I did. Because we didn’t just try on a shoe. We were at a super hip location, got a super pretty outfit (my new favourite rainbow tights!), heard inspiring stories about Nike and their ambassadors and then we got to test the shoe.


And when I say test, I mean test. We didn’t just put it on and walk a few steps, no no. We tested every single step and jump and run and dance move that feet can do and we made me sweat!

The superdupercool power woman and bikini model Alex Hipwell pushed us through an extreme HIIT-workout. It was the hardest I’ve ever done but it was amazing too. Especially the partner excercises – I loved the one where I had to plank and Julia from Fit For Fun jumped over me, holding my shouldiers and using me as a living bench.


After the workout we did a 3 km run in sunny summery Berlin. This time we tried the running version of the Nike she (the male version is blue, the female purple). I talked with other bloggers that I had known from instagram for ages but never met before. It was fun, even though my legs were still more than heavy from the half marathon two days ago.

It was super cool and I was really sad when I heard that we weren’t allowed to take the shoes home. I would have loved the purple/rainbow coloured training shoe! (Fun fact: some people actually took them home! I got lots of panicky emails from Nike afterwards asking for the missing shoes!).





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