Moments for Myself | BesserWasser Weekend

I want to talk about relaxation once more, because it’s currently so important for me. Lately I’ve been concentrating on taking little moments for myself, as often as I can. Relaxing weekends, relaxing days or just relaxing minutes on busy days. You think you don’t have time to relax because you’re constantly on the run? Let me show you that you can!

Last week I spent two days near Salzburg in in Austria with the rest of the BesserWasser gang. BesserWasser refers to the amazing pink BWT water filters and mineralisers that I’ve been using for over a year now. The pretty jug filters your tab water and makes it even healthier by adding magnesium to it. I love mine and am now happy to announce that I have been chosen to be one of the BesserWasser ambassadors!

We spent two fun days together, learning all about filtered water, tasting how much better coffee and tea taste when made with good water, and getting to know the BWT team. And I made sure that despite the busy schedule I got to relax.

BWT_Ambassador-20170607-9198 BWT_Ambassador-20170607-9216

I stood on the balcony, taking in the pretty view and breathing fresh air. Our Nesslerhof-hotel had everything you can wish for in Austria: the mountains, the rivers, and a lot of nature! I went to the spa on both days, sat in the sauna all on my own and actually enjoyed the peace and quiet. I read before going to sleep. I ate good, healthy food and drank a lot of water. I talked and laughed with the other girls. Those were small moments of relaxation and happiness, 30 minutes here and there, but they were enough to make me feel so much better.

Oh, and we did yoga again. There was a comfy Hey Honey yoga outfit waiting for us, and the cute pink Yogistar mats made me all excited, despite it being 7am (aka. sleeping time). It was a very hard yoga session with lots of stretching (and sweat!!) and it felt really good! I enjoyed moving with the flow, I enjoyed sweating during the practice and getting exhausted. This way was able to relax my mind. The yoga session was time to spend with myself, for myself, in peace. I looked out of the window, at the Austrian mountains, and thought a bit about my recent life events, my stressed mind and about how lucky I actually am.

BWT_Ambassador-20170607-9225 BWT_Ambassador-20170607-9303 BWT_Ambassador-20170607-9304

These little moments made me feel so good and blessed. I’m healthy, I have a home. I have a job that I love (even though it’s not going perfectly at the moment, and yet I have the chance to be self-employed), I have a family that loves me. I am part of a great project and I am lucky enough to be living these amazing experiences and meeting inspiring people, like right now in Austria. My life is very, very good.

BWT_Ambassador-20170607-0058Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 17.28.05 BWT_Ambassador-20170607-9610

It was such a lovely weekend, and despite the schedule being quite crazy, I am so happy that I was able to make the most of the possibilities and returned back home so happy, energised and relaxed. Always remember to look after yourself and be your own priority!


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  1. 23/06/2017 / 01:33

    Your photos look great… I’ve been wanting to go away for a weekend break like this for ages!

  2. Eleonore Buffet
    19/06/2017 / 17:25

    The pictures are so stunning and you are such a lovely girl. Your posts are the best and relax and keep ure chin up cuz you deserve the best

    • Lottie
      19/06/2017 / 20:20

      Thank you so much! We had an amazing photographer with us. And thank you so much for always being so understanding! It’s always so good to read your kind words! ❤️