Make yourself comfortable!

Hello lovelies!

Today comes only a short post because I want to say a few words about a very common topic at the moment. Everyone keeps saying that you should make yourself comfortable during the Christmas holidays. Enjoy the free time. But why only now? Why only during Christmas?

My time before the holidays was pure stress. Uni, homework, work, sports, blogging and blogger trips one after another. I reacted with bad sleep, horribly dry and wrinkly skin and loosing hair. But I can counteract to that! If I have one or two moments a week just for myself and intentionally don’t do anything, then I can keep my stress levels under control.

Here come a few tips on how I do it:

DSC_1814A good breakfast. I turn on the radio, sing along, make muesli, chop fruit and boil eggs. Along those I have fresh juice and hot coffee. Whilst eating I read a book and take all the time I need to enjoy.


Coffee breaks: To be honest – I think that cafes are way too expensive, but as a little break from studying there’s nothing better than a soy latte or a yummy smoothie in a cozy cafe!

But you can also make the stress more comfortable. For studying I love comfy cafes as an alternative to my own boring desk. Or when I go on a work trip, I try to get a nice and comfy hotel instead of a creepy hostel – that way you can make something stressful much nice easily!


A good workout. I know that sports mean stress to some people, but as soon as you get to a certain point, workouts will be super relaxing. There’s nothing better than a good run in the forest after several hours of writing a long essay!

Do you think so too? That relaxing during the holidays is important, but that relaxing during the stress of your everyday life is much more important? What do you do to relax and get rid of stress?