Make your dreams reality!

Without believing, your dreams will never get true.

Good morning,

I’m starting the day with some deep thoughts. Everyone of us has dreams, right? Everyone has goals. And so many of us don’t even try to strive for them.

Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Not even yourself. You are responsible for what happens. For your dreams. No matter what it is – your studies, a dream job, a house, travelling, weight loss, weight gain. You can do it. Take the first step and then the second. One day you’ll look back and be proud that you didn’t let anyone pull you down. 😌

Everything is possible, as long as you do your best. I wanted to study journalism and graphic design. I tried to get into art school. Several times. I didn’t manage. I did my bachelor in German language and literature and chose communication studies as my minor. Due to that minor I was then possible to apply for a master in digital communication – and what exactly is it? Journalism and graphic design. I had never run, wanted to become a runner. The first weeks were so hard. I kept pushing myself, slowly but steadily – now I’ve run three half marathons. My dreams, that I have always wanted to live, are a semester in England and travelling through South East Asia. Those are the next dreams that I’ll work on.

What are your goals? Have you had dreams, that you have been afraid of? Please tell me in the comments! And then take the first step towards them TODAY!

xx Lottie