Love Your Body

Yesterday I got a beautiful comment on Instagram:

I love seeing how confident you are in your body and your own skin. I think I will never get over my flaws (such as my weight, my cellulite, my big legs) but girls like you are a true inspiration to me.

Nowadays accepting your body is so, so hard. By nowadays I am talking about the constant influence media has on us. We see beautiful women all the time. Beautiful women with perfect skin, long and slim legs, the most perfect eyebrows even. That’s why I guess so many can identify themselves with the comment above. It’s not easy to accept oneself. We feel like we’re worth less than others. We feel embarrassed, unhappy in our own skin and think we don’t deserve to be happy if this is how we look.

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Even I, the girl whom the commenter called so confident, do that. Just this morning I stared at my thighs, wondering if they’ll ever be any firmer. Or longer, which I know they’ll never be. Almost everyday I ask myself if my former boyfriend prefers his new girlfriend’s longer legs. And all the other absolutely model-like aspects about her, which I certainly don’t have.

But yet I also know that it doesn’t really matter what we look like. So many of us just see the flaws in ourselves. Even the girls with the most perfect bodies have lots of things that they’re everything but happy about, even though we would have never seen those flaws from the outside. I have a friend who always complains about her bushy eyebrows – and I on the other hand would give anything to have them!

The problem is inside our heads. Our body image is not what others see in us. Whoever can stand in front of the mirror and say to herself “you are ugly, your legs are ugly, look at that cellulite, look at that fat on your tummy, those heavy arms and that bad skin.” But whoever can also stand in front of the mirror and say “you’re good the way you are, there is no other one like you out there”. It’s us who decide what we say to the picture in the mirror. And isn’t it unfair that our body works for us, carries and protects us everyday and all we give back is hate? Why do we do that?


I will be your friend, I will care for you and love you every day.

That is what I tell my picture in the mirror. My head is full of complexes, but I won’t let them out anymore. I don’t compare myself to others (at least I try not to!). I don’t compare myself to the old me. I try not to think “Her legs are so much longer, my abs were much more visible yesterday.” These thoughts won’t help me at all. They won’t make me a better person, nor will they make me happier or skinnier.

And they won’t help you either. They won’t make anything better. So love what you have and honour it everyday.



  1. 30/11/2016 / 04:51

    Glad to read this article, love your blog so much!

  2. 12/11/2016 / 13:23

    Olet paras! xx

  3. 09/11/2016 / 02:02

    Das hast du ganz toll gesagt Hase❤️ Und das sollten wir uns immer klar vor Augen halten🙌🏼 Wir sind doch alle toll so wie wir sind!!!

    • Lottie
      10/11/2016 / 21:56

      Ach Gott <3 du bist wundervoll!

  4. Natalie
    04/11/2016 / 16:13

    liebe lottie,
    ich kann dem kommentar nur zustimmen: du hast einen wahnsinnsbody und du strahlst so viel freude und leben aus, das ist jeden tag so schön mitzuverfolgen bei deinen snaps und anzuschauen!
    und dieser blogpost spricht wahrscheinlich jedem (mädchen, jeder frau) aus der seele!
    aber ich kann auch die letzten zeilen sehr gut mit dir teilen! wir müssen/dürfen in unserem körper ein leben lang leben und deshalb sollten wir gut zu ihm sein.. oft nicht daran zu denken, was wir ihm alles antun oder nicht antun!
    aber ich kanns nur wiederholen, dass du so eine tolle persönlichkeit bist, die so viel lebensmut und energie und freude ausstrahlt! und deine figur tut dies im übrigen auch liebe lottie 😉 toller post!

    • Lottie
      10/11/2016 / 21:54

      Ach Gott, du bist ja verrückt! Danke danke danke dir! An dem Wahnsinnsbody arbeite ich noch, aber es ist toll das zu lesen. Danke danke danke!

  5. Anne
    04/11/2016 / 13:24

    You are just so beautiful Lottie inside and out!!!

    • Lottie
      10/11/2016 / 21:44

      Oh my god, thank you so much!

  6. Bernarda
    04/11/2016 / 13:19

    You are just amazing ❤ it’s so hard to love yourself because on the internet girls are always perfect. But in reality they all have strech marks and cellulite. I have a very good friend who is model. And yes she is beautiful. But she is not perfect. And no one really is 😊 but we don’t have same body. And every body is beautiful because we are all perfecty imperfect…your body does not define you. Your personality does. Be good as a person and you will be the most beautiful girl/boy on the planet!

    • Lottie
      10/11/2016 / 21:44

      You are just amazing yourself! Thank you so much for sharing that story! That’s exactly what I mean!