Lollapalooza – a Weekend in Wonderland

Braids, flower crowns, lace wests, leather straps, lampignons, ferris wheels, fairy wings, soap bubbles… the last sun rays get caught in the dusty air and turn everything to gold. Music is everywhere and everyone is dancing hand in hand. Sounds like a fairytale? That was Lollapalooza Berlin.

My first festival ever! I always associated Festivals with dirt, camping, beer smell, heavy metal t-shirts and lots and lots of dirty people. Not my kind of thing, thank you very much. But as you might have read in my heartbreak-blogpost, I didn’t say no to anything this summer. So of course I said I would come when the girls invited me to the Lollapalooza.

Lollapalooza FestivalFestival Outfits

The best thing was that I got my weekend ticket for only 90€ the night before – yes, I was very spontaneous! And there were over 30 bands and artists for that price! But that  wasn’t the craziest thing. The craziest thing was the atmosphere. The entire area was decorated to look like Wonderland. And so were the people. My outfits were rather subtle (which annoys me, next year I will be braver with lacey wests, glitter and massive flower crowns!). And yet I felt like part of a fairy family. My fairy… aaah, festival sisters have to be mentioned as well: say hi to my blogger girl gang Anne-Marie, Melina, Diana and Aylin.

I don’t really know what much more I should say. The pictures say more than a thousand words. For two days we walked from stage to stage, danced off our feet very much in tune with the saying “dance like no one’s watching” (in the beginning it did actually feel a bit silly to dance off at midday!). But it was definitely something very far from heavy-meal-ethic-rubberboot-muddy-mess that I had associated “festivals” with until then. At some point Diana squeezed my hand and to my that perfectly put all my feelings into one gesture: so much happiness and so much love.

Festival StyleLottie's Life  Festival FashionLast but not least my festival tops and flops:

Girlfriends, who turn very moody when they’re exhausted and hungry.
– Not being allowed to bring in drinks. The weather was above 30 degrees so that was life threatening!
– All the dust. I have never ever been so dirty before. My leather shoes were absolutely destroyed after the weekend. My tip: old, dark shoes.

+ Drink tip for bloggers: Gin Tonic. Looks like water on Snapchat and everyone will think you’re a good girl. (I had water though. No alcohol for me at the moment!)
+ Bands whose music you know. My favourite: Major Lazer (“Lean On”). You can sing along to every song! Don’t mind about the people around – the feeling of letting go is the best!
+ Crazy outfits. There were people dressed as indians, fairies, flower girls, glitter ladies. Those people were admired the most and I will be one of them next year!

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