Life update: November

Heyho lovelies!
A month has gone by – again! Vaasa really feels like home by now and I enjoy every minute. Even though November is supposed to be so grey and wet and awful – my November was amazing. And December will be even better! But read more below:

Everyday life
Phew, my life in November was reaaally busy. I rode my bike to uni every day (8km back and forth), went to uni on four days a week, did my homework and replied to emails in the café, went to gym after uni and then rode the bike back. Somewhere in between I ate and slept too. And on the weekends I travelled a lot. Phew.

Oh, there were so so so many! Moving to Vaasa was one highlight, then I went to Tallinn with Canon, was at the Bootcamp in Germany and spent two lovely days in Stuttgart with Eva. Oh and I took the ferry to Sweden, spent a day on the luxurious boat and met Klara in Stockholm. All that means that I met over 10 bloggers and went to four countries! What a month! Stockholm might have been THE highlight of all.

On the one hand my training went well, because I’ve finally found a good split for my strength training and did crossfit and ran too. But then again due to all my work and travels I didn’t manage to workout as much as I would have liked to. More like 3-4 times than 6 times as planned. And my knee hurt too which made running hard!

IMG_1171 (1) copy

Favourite food
Salad with feta and tuna (I have them almost every night!) and sweet potato wedges from the oven with hummus.

What did I learn?
Actually two very contrary things. On the one hand I realized how much I can manage when I really give my best – like all my travels in between school and work. But then again I had to realize that no one can work without taking a break. My nerves have been at their edge for weeks and I have been quite grumpy too. So always give your best, but remember to take a break too!

Goals for December
I have to continue giving it all for two weeks: I’m going to Berlin with lots of blogger girls to visit an influencer conference for a weekend and have to hand in three essays and hold two presentations. But after that I’ll give my best to relax and let loose of everything! London and Christmas in Poland are waiting for me!

My motto:
Say yes to new adventures! And infvest in yourself – it will be worth it!

What was your November like? What were your highlights and what are you looking forward to in December?


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