Les Mills Live in Berlin

A dark hall with a stage, loud music, flashing lights, thousands of people in the audience. They move together, have one rhythm, smiling faces, sweaty foreheads… sounds like an amazing concert, right? Well, it’s way better. It was a workout. A fitness party. The hardest training I’ve ever had and yet the best. That’s Les Mills Live.

Do you know Les Mills classes? I’ve been doing them for quite a while at my gym. Body pump is my favourite and that’s the first class I chose to take at the Les Mills Live Event in Berlin. That’s where Reebok hat invited me last weekend and I have to share some of the photosΒ here so you can get a picture of the crazy good atmosphere! At body pump classes you train with a stepper, a barbell and weight wheels very intensely for about 45-60 minutes. You do lots of reps and train your whole body and it’s so hard that I would never do it without a coach and a group but this way it’s so good and rewarding!

WorkoutReebokFitnessThe amazing thing about Les Mills is that the classes and the routines are the exact same worldwide. Every three months the choreography changes. So perfect for globetrotters like me! Wherever on the world I visit a Les Mills class, I will know the moves and feel like home. I think the person who came up with the concept is a genius.

On that Saturday in Berlin I also didΒ CXWORXΒ andΒ Grit Plyo. The latter was completely crazy. Training on the highest level, no breaks at all. We did one-armed pushups, one-armed burpees and other super hard exercises, that changed every thirty seconds. I have to admit that nowadays I’m really proud of my fitness level but that was too much even for me. And guess what? I had a coach right next to me who made sure that I jumped as high as possible and did the pushups as low as possible every time (horror!). But the feeling after was incredible. And the feeling meanwhile as well, if I think about it. That party atmosphere was just amazing!

TrainingLes Mills LiveLes Mills

I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a crazy sporty day. At night my activity tracker said my activity level of the day was at almost 500%. And the day after I was so super sore from those 825701 half-squats. Ouch!

On Instagram I posted a picture of the other blogger girl and me in the cool Les Mills outfits by Reebok. How do you like them? I have completely fallen for the shoes with the golden details…



  1. Bernarda
    02/09/2016 / 11:34

    I’m doing their workouts at home. Well it’s not so exciting πŸ˜… Their concept is awesome. I didn’t know they change all things every few months! So happy that you enjoyed it so much! Do you want to fo on another live event?