Last Time, Last Thing, Last Person

Hello and happy Saturday! I woke up in a very good mood this morning and wanted to do something fun. That’s how I came up with this blogpost. I love remembering good things that happened, and thinking about these “The last time…” questions made me smile, laugh, cringe and hide in shame a lot. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! And I hope you don’t mind the old pictures (from Turkey two weeks ago), but they just had to be shared!

img_7415The last thing I shopped were Birkenstock slippers. I have wanted them for so long – but the ones I got (I bought them in a hurry without trying on) are one size too big!

The last place I travelled by train was home from the airport a few weeks ago. Nothing too exciting. Last time I actually travelled somewhere by train to visit was Brighton in summer. Oh, I wish I could go back!

Last time I skipped class was in April. I told my teacher I was very ill with my asthma, due to allergies and even handed in a doctor’s note (an old one!) – actually I was in Germany.

Last time I argued with my parents was last week. I don’t really agree with their dinner plans. Carbs carbs carbs, no veggies… and I’m not allowed to cook my own food, because that wouldn’t be polite. I’m not happy. That had to be said.

Last time I danced was when I went out in London this summer. First time going out in years, and it was amazing! I danced with several english men, hehe.

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Last time I dialled a wrong number… I don’t think I have in ages! But a few weeks ago an elderly Finnish woman kept calling me daily, asking for Mairi. It took her two weeks to realise she had a wrong number!

Last time I got a gift… can’t remember! This is a very sad one! :'(

Last time I forgot where something important was, is right now! I bought my ex-boyfriend’s sister cards to congratulate her on her wedding but can’t find them anywhere! (and the wedding was 1,5 weeks ago already!)

Last time I swam was in Turkey two weeks ago, and the next time will be at our lake house later today (ps. it’s -4,5°C degrees outside right now!).

Last thing I ate were two pieces of Kinder chocolate with my morning coffee. Oops!

Last person I kissed makes me cringe! Ugh! It was a guy whom I just kissed because I missed my ex-boyfriend so much and felt so lonely… Girls, don’t do that!

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Last time I was angry was two days ago, when I bought train tickets to go to uni, sat on the train for two hours already… and then got a message that the class was cancelled and had to get new tickets back home.

Last time I bought something too expensive was last weekend, when I got myself a gorgeous new Tommy Hilfiger winter jacket (200€). It’s turquoise and so pretty… but yesterday I managed to rip a whole into the left sleeve. How unlucky can one be!?

Last film I saw was “Colonia” with Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl. I watched it with my mum and sister, despite seeing it for the second time already. It’s so good!

Last person who called me…. aaah let me check. I never ever talk to anyone on the phone. Oh, but yesterday Eva from a PR agency in Berlin called me! There you go!

Last song I listened to was “Lost Boy” by Ruth B. You have been asking for this song so much that this is a good fact to end this blogpost! And now click on the link and go enjoy the song!



  1. 05/11/2016 / 20:54

    going to watch that movie! :)

    • 05/11/2016 / 21:41

      Aww you’re the best! I think it’s definintely worth it! It’s really good!