Is (Tr)eating Allowed?

As you will know from my last few blogs and vlogs, I recently returned from London. Whilst there, my friends and I walked around the city a lot, trying to live the few weeks to the fullest. And whilst there, I noticed a big change in myself. It didn’t happen during those two weeks, but had been a long process leading up to it. It had to do with all the treats we had in the city. I was so happy about how I felt about it, that I thought it’s something worth sharing with you guys.


Whilst visiting London this summer, I ate a lot of ice cream, pastry, frozen yogurt, drank chocolatey drinks and much more. And what is way more important: I ate these treats without planning them as part of my daily intake, but I went to cafes, saw incredible looking treats, bought and ate them. And now comes the most magical thing about it all: I didn’t feel bad about it. Not once.

This is completely new for me, and so eye-opening. Up until now I always felt that I can’t have sweets. They are unhealthy and will make me fat. Or if I have a slice of cake, then I’ll have less for dinner. Run a longer run. My coffees are obviously sugar- and milk-free and when my friends have ice cream, I go for fruit instead. At least that’s the way it was.

This summer was so different. This summer I went to a nice cafe, saw a delicious slice of brownie, and decided I wanted to have it. As part of a marketing campaign a bakery was giving out free cupcakes – obviously I ate (and loved!) it. Chocolate mocha became my new favourite drink. When my friends decided they wanted ice cream, I of course joined them, despite the big lunch I had had earlier.

I am not saying that I started living an unhealthy life, not at all. But I decided to see food as a means of enjoying and experiencing life. That counting and restricting won’t make anything good, but lead to me missing out of experiences. Sitting at that cafe eating (and absolutely enjoying every bite of) my brownie, I asked myself why I had never had spontaneous brownies before. I came to the conclusion that my biggest problem was not accepting myself. I was never happy with my life and where it was leading, so I used my “healthy” lifestyle as a way to at least fix a part of it. I put healthy in quotation marks, because I strongly believe that restriction is not mentally healthy at all, and therefore I would never call a sugar- or anything-free lifestyle “healthy”.

The reason I am sharing all of this because I know that there are a lot of girls out there, who think how I used to. And I truly believe that the best way to get empowered is to accept yourself and how you look. Think of food as a way to enjoy life. And that includes a little cake from time to time.

teddy pancakes

Obviously, balance is the key to everything. I dance a lot. I run at least twice or three times per week. At home I of course still enjoy my porridge with fruit and wholesome plant-based meals. I always have my BWT mineraliser on hand and therefore drink a lot of water, which always makes me feel good and healthy. But I have learned to see cake and ice cream as a way of enjoying life, and therefore I absolutely allow myself treats now. In fact, I don’t even think about “treating” myself anymore, I just have cake now and then, and I think that way of thinking is what makes the big difference. I live my life to the fullest. Leaving out a piece of cake won’t make my life or me better at all, as my silly mind used to tell me. A piece of cake will probably just make my life a tiny bit better.

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