How to Survive Running in Winter

As mentioned on Instagram, I have planned to run all through this winter. Running just makes me feel so good. I am proud of myself, feel fresh and fit and it makes me so productive, too. Also is running the best sports for busy people, students, globetrotters and workaholics. One can run everywhere, and as you don’t have to drive to gym, you’ll save so much time. That’s definitely an advantage for me!

As you know, I’m currently in Finland finishing my master’s thesis. The nordic temperatures here bring new unexpected difficulties. I’ve done my best to master them and can now share my ultimate winter running tips with you!

Laufen im Winter


Layering. I always wear a sportsbra, a longshirt, my warm Novelty Heat jacket and sometimes even a windbreaker as well.

Keep you ears warm! Headband and gloves are a must!

Reflectors. Might sound silly, but they’re super important so cars and bikers see you. That’s why I’m completely in love with my Vongo Moon Phase -running shoes, as they’re basically made of reflectors.

New sportswear in general! In my opinion new workout clothes are so motivating, as I always want to try them out straight away! :)



Music or audiobooks, they (almost) make me forget that I’m running at all. 😉 Here you can find my favourite workout mix (the one from Snapchat!).

Change the route, or run it in the opposite direction. That way it won’t feel boring as soon.

Now that the days are getting shorter, I yet try to run in the sun at least once a week. The light is so motivating!

A goal. I’m training for the Berlin Half Marathon in April, during which I’ll try to break my personal best (I’m aiming for 1:45!)

Keep running!  Getting back on track after a long break is harder than when you do it everyday!

winter running

And last but not least: don’t think too much, just go and run! After one kilometer it’ll feel easy!

Do you run this winter? How do you motivate yourself? And which is your favourite brand for winter running clothes? Let me know!



  1. 07/12/2016 / 02:00

    I like what this article recommends about layering in the winter. It makes sense that this could be very helpful when exercising because it would allow you to strip down as it gets warmer or layer up as it gets colder. I’ll have to look into getting a nice windbreaker to make sure that it’s not too hard on my skin to run and stand in the snow.