How instagram changed my life

Hey my dearest readers and followers.

After instagram has been turned into such a bad bad place full of fakes, lies and envy during the last two days, I want to share my instagram story with you.

When I was a little girl, I loved to draw and paint. I loved to write stories, poems, create christmas cards, cook, decorate my food, fold napkins and take photos. At some point, school took over, and I barely had time to do those things. Then I finished high school as one of the girls with the best grades. That is where the struggle began.

I knew I had always been good at school and could learn almost anything if I just gave it my best. And that pressured me. I found out that with my grades I could directly get into med school or study politics. And I felt like I had to – if I had the chance to help other people, maybe make a change in genetics and cure the whole world of an illness, or if I could become an influential politician who could save the rainforests, shouldn’t I do that? My mum kept telling me that god has given me a gift, and that I should use it for the greater good – my brains.

To keep it short: I started studying design, then jumped out because it didn’t feel big enough, I   retook my a-levels and improved my grades, I applied for politics, for medicine, for genetic research, for development studies. I studied economics, politics and sustainability. And always, always, always I jumped out, because it didn’t feel good. And came up with the next “big” plan.

Then after my bachelor’s thesis, which I had done meanwhile, I decided to take a year off, originally to study for the pretest at the best med school in Germany. That was last fall. Just before that, my sister had showed me instagram and I had fallen in love with taking pictures of my food and workouts. To show my passions, which were a healthy lifestyle and making my food look pretty and then share the photos along with thoughtful captions.

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One day, a woman commented on how I have inspired her to have meat-free days, because I have showed her how easy and delicious it can be, and how good it is both for her, her family and our planet. That opened my eyes and changed my life. 

I don’t have to be a politician or a gene researcher in order to make a change. I don’t have to rule a country in order to help what’s most important to me – health, happy people or the environment. I can do it in a way that I enjoy most and through something, that I’m good at: my creativity.

Since that day, I’ve tried to openly and honestly share my thoughts and opinions with you. I’ve worked on my pictures and my style not only to reach you, but also because I love it. I recently got a new lens for my camera to take better pictures – because that is what I enjoy. Instagram has given me a platform to do and share what I love and to live my passions. Through my growing account I have gotten in touch with amazing companies, that share my values and want to support me on my way. I started studying Digital Communication, because this is a topic, that I want to get into even further. And now I don’t only focus on food anymore, but want to show lots and lots of girls a way to live a happy, healthy life and to love themselves and to be brave. I myself would have needed someone to show me ways to do though a few years ago – I hope that I can now make a change.

I, and many others, have found a greater understanding of ourselves through our social media careers. The ability to explore unlimited opportunities, to create what our hearts desire, to speak with our own true voices. We found ourselves through social media because we made that choice to do so. – Zack James

So, as you see, instagram is not that bad at all. It can even be something wonderful. As long as you stay true to yourself and live your passions, and don’t only live something you’re not just for more followers or money – just for the numbers.

Stay yourself, stay true to your heart, don’t let numbers distract you and you can turn social media into a platform to live your dreams!

Good night now!



  1. plantbasedpixie
    10/11/2015 / 18:12

    I love that you’ve written this! Social media is definitely what you make it, and I’ve met so many wonderful people through it, as well as realise my passion. Such a great post :)

    • 10/11/2015 / 22:56

      Same here! You are one of those people – the first one actually!