How do I smile so much?

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to be happy. What an interesting question, right? If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat you will know that I always walk around and about with a smile on my face. And I get excited about basically everything. But how do I do it?

The funny thing is that this time I can definitely say: happiness is something you can learn. I learned being happy, as silly as it sounds. But I made the decision beginning of this year and it absolutely worked.

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Let’s start off with the positive attitude. I enjoy the little things in life at the fullest. Good food at the uni canteen. A duck family in the pond nearby. Sunshine. A mug of hot tea on a rainy day. A coffee and a good book in the morning. Speaking of mornings! I always make my best to organize these happy moments for myself! Every single morning I get up at least an hour before I would actually have to leave and make myself a delicious breakfast, a cup of coffee and sit down with a good book for at least half an hour. And I do it every single morning! But I also try to do little happy things throughout the day. I also take every chance to see friends or to travel. This way it isn’t hard to be constantly happy.

And now the other hand – what do I do when something really goes wrong? Do I stay happy then? Well, try to imagine the following situation. You are at uni. It’s lunch break and you hard there’s an amazing pasta dish. THat’s what you order, even though it’s the most expensive one, and then you end up getting almost plain noodles. Ugh, your mood instantly drops. During lunch you get a phone call. Last week you applied for a gorgeous appartment, will this be the good message of the day? “Unfortunately we have decided…”. Oh shit, it couldn’t get much worse. But it does. When you bring away your tray, you slip and everything splatters over the floow. How much more embarrassing could it get? And now listen! Earlier this would have been the moment when my mood would have been ruined for the entire day. I wouldn’t have wanted to carry on, I would have crired! Now it’s completely different. Of course I’m annoyed and sad, but I know that complaining or even crying doesn’t help at all. It won’t lift my mood, it will just make it worse!

Since I realised this, I can cope with mishaps way better. I drop something? Well, I can’t change it anymore. I have to pay a fine? Well, I can save those 30 euros easily and I won’t even remember it in two weeks time. I didn’t get my dream flat?Guess I will find a better one! I did something silly? Now I have to learn from it and make sure I won’t do it again!

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Long text, short message:

  1. Enjoy the little things in life with the whole of your heart.
  2. Build your own happy moments, treat yourself and use every chance you have!
  3. Complaining doesn’t make anything better. It makes your mood worse and doesn’t change anything.

Since the beginning of 2016 I’ve been living up to these rules and have been a very positive person ever since. Very seldom crisises, very rare sadness – I’m a happy girl.




  1. Barbora
    31/08/2016 / 09:31

    I admire your positivity. It’s very inspiring! For all of us, it’s sometimes very hard to stay that positive, but you let us know it is possible, thanks for that.

  2. Bernarda
    29/08/2016 / 10:46

    Yes! I totally agree that you have to choose to be happy. And surrounding with positive people also helps a lot! It’s all about your mindset. Positive thoughts attracts more positivity in your life.❤ hope you are having an amazing day!