Holiday Workout + Video

Summer holidays! Sunshine, beaches, hotel stays or even a small little private house somewhere nice – does it get any better?

I spent my week of this year at our summer house by a lake in Finland. A week full of relaxing, good food, just hanging around… but – oops! One thing was definitely missing. And that’s something that’s usually missing at most beaches or hotels. A proper gym.

Yet I ate so much and laid in the sun so much that I didn’t want to miss my usual workouts. That’s how Lili and I came up with this. Even though we didn’t have proper machines or even bells to lift, we had something even better: each other. And that made it much more fun than a dull, lonely workout at a gym!

Actually these video clips were just meant to be posted on instagram, but as it’s much easier to watch them here and because I can list the exercises for you here as well, you now get the complete partner vacation workout here as well! Of course you can do most of the exercises just on your own if you like – but being together, you can try to synchronize your pace and I promise that it will be so much more fun!

Below you can find a list of all exercises and which muscles they train:
– Side Crunches (side abs)
– Leg Cross Over (lower abs)
– Sit Ups (straight abs)
– Supermans (back and glutes)
– Commanders (shoulders and abs)
– Squats (thighs and glutes)
– Jumping Lunges (thighs, cardio)
– V-Sit Ups with high legs (abs)

Usually we do each exercise for 50 seconds and then take a 10 second break. We do the entire workout twice or three times depending on how much time we have. Of course you can do the workout at home as well, so if you try it, let me know how you liked it!



  1. Anna
    02/08/2016 / 13:04

    By the way, is that the Polar activity tracker you are wearing there? Is there a chance you could get a discount code for us? I hope you reply :)

  2. Anna
    02/08/2016 / 13:02

    Love the video! You two are such a inspiration to me – regardless if it comes to working out, friendship, brave adventures and travels …. you are the best!

  3. Bernarda
    01/08/2016 / 17:06

    Thank you for your workout routine 😊❤ film more!!!