Hello World!

Hi lovelies!

Here we go – „Lottie’s Life“, my new platform, is alive and will be sent out to discover the world. And I’m so excited what we will discover together! Because from now on, I’m not only blogging to share my recipes with you. From now on this will be my little interactive diary full of all kinds of topics! I will introduce you to my favourite products, will give you sneak peeks into my travels, will motivate you with workout tips and most probably I will philosophe quite a lot about all the little things in life. And share recipes from my instagram of course! Don’t hesitate to comment what you’d like to read here, I will consider every idea!

My goal would be to share my passions with you, to inspire all of you to live a healthy, happy life. I want to motivate you to move, to be active and adventurous. See all the beautiful moments in life and take all your chances. Concentrate on yourself as a person, because you are important. Not your looks but what you’re on the inside. I want you to enjoy life, because that’s my main goal too.

I’m so happy you’ve found your way here and would absolutely love you to follow my stories and adventures! And please remember to give me tips on what to do and what to write about if you have any wishes!
See you soon!

xx Lottie



    • 21/10/2015 / 16:42

      Awww thank you so much! The blog is going to be even more personal than my instagram has ever been, I hope you like that as well!